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travelling on a budget

Whether you’re doing a gap year or a sabbatical, everyone wants to take every opportunity to travel. The downside is that money eventually runs out, and travelling further than your own borders can get expensive quickly.


The idea of getting stranded in a foreign country with no money and no way of getting home can put people off the whole idea, but there are ways you can fulfill your dreams and stay within your limits. Here are just a few ways you can make this possible.


travelling on a budget


Work while you travel

If money is your biggest issue, then you should make sure you still have a way to support yourself while you’re travelling. It may be the last thing you want to do when you envisioned yourself sitting on beaches all day, but the beauty of working freelance all year is that you can decide what you do and what your hours will be.


You could teach English in the evenings, sign up to work at a hostel for a few months and explore in your own time, get paid to write freelance articles online, or you could even apply for an all-inclusive internship. There are so many things ways you can make money that won’t hinder your plans.



Alternative accommodation

You might not be able to afford 5 star hotels, but you don’t have to stay in crummy hostels either. There are plenty of websites to help budget travellers find a room for the night, so your cheapest accommodation while travelling should be nice hostels, or couchsurfing.


If you’re travelling due to an internship you could check in your city for all your available options; Homestay in London puts in you touch with host families close to where you’ll be working, so you can get the full experience of living and working in London. If you’re just freelancing, or hoping to find a job once you arrive, Airbnb can offer you a place to stay for a reasonable weekly basis. These options are flexible in case you get the urge to travel further.



Cheap travel

The biggest assumption about travelling is that you have to get to all your destinations by flying. While this might be true for your first stop, travelling by car, train, or bus is something that you should consider, if only because it is so much cheaper than flying all the time. It might not be as luxurious as travelling in style, but travelling by road is a great way to see more of the country you’re visiting.


The Greyhound bus company in America stops at 3700 locations throughout the US and Canada, and you could even take an overnight bus if you don’t want to waste daylight hours on travelling. However, if you absolutely have to get somewhere by plane, try and fly off-season to save money on plane tickets. Skyscanner can help you compare flight prices across a whole month meaning you’ll be able to see the cheapest days and months to fly.



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travel mistakes to avoid

If you are scrimping and saving, and watching the pennies, all so you can afford a week or to join the glorious sunshine come August, you will already know that holidays can be expensive. But what you might not know it that you can make some pretty costly mistakes that can not only ruin your time away but also break the bank. Read on to find out what they are, and how you can do your best to avoid them.


holiday costs


Booking with a disreputable provider


This is a big no-no. Any break away that you book, whether in this country or abroad should be done through a reputable ABTA protected provider. This is because if the provider goes out of business before you get to go away, you will be covered for reimbursement.


In a similar vein, it’s also a good idea to get the best holiday insurance that you can afford. Then if your flights are delayed, your accommodation isn’t as you expect it, or you have an accident,  you will be covered and not end up out of pocket as well as being put out.


Visiting a country in political turmoil


Some folks are all about the adventure when they book a trip, and there is nothing wrong with that. After all getting away from it all can be exciting and fun with so many different places to visit. But something that can often backfire is booking a trip to an area that is currently experiencing political upheaval such as Tibet, Egypt, and Iraq.


Not only do these areas provide a greater risk to personal safety in some cases, but are often much more difficult to get to and gain access to. This means delays and hassle are almost inevitable. Which can mean increased costs as you have to pay for accommodation, while all of these things get sorted out. If, in fact, they do get sorted out.


Not checking your documents before you travel.




A massive mistake that far too many people make that can cost a lot of money is not checking their documents before they travel. If you don’t have the right documentation, you can be refused entry into a country.


Remember too that it’s not often a case of a simple no, but a delay after a long flight and an immigration by border official to discern whether you will be granted access or not.


There are many countries that require a visa or is waivers such as Europe, Australia, and Canada, which you can read more about at That means without them you are not getting in, no matter how much you have spent on flights and accommodation. Which can result in a massive waste of money and a huge disappointment.


Buying excursion from your tour operator


Lastly, another way that you can end up paying out much more than you need to when on holiday is by booking all of your excursions with your travel operator. Yes, it can be convenient to do so. Although you do have to watch that 2-hour presentation and waste your first morning.


travel mistakes


But you will probably find that similar excursions are on offer elsewhere for a lower price and that you can even probably book them online before you go, saving you money and time.


travel mistakes to avoid

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You may have read the title and instantly thought that travelling in style whilst also on a budget simply can’t be done. You probably read it and thought something along the lines of ‘hogwash!’. You probably read it and thought it’s too ludicrous a notion to make sense.


But travelling in style doesn’t mean all private jets and caviar. It doesn’t have to mean first class flights or staying in a five-star hotel for the duration of your stay. It doesn’t have to mean shopping sprees and spa days. As well as this, travelling on a budget doesn’t have to mean bedding down in campsites or hostels. TravelLing on a budget doesn’t have to mean bag packing. These are preconceived notions of travelling that don’t necessarily have to be the truth. You can travel in style whilst on a budget, and here’s how.



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First of all, you should set up base in a place that will help you reach everywhere you want to reach with ease. By choosing accommodation that sits right in the middle of the area in which you are staying you instantly cut down on the need to pay for travel expenses. And the money you save on your travelling budget can then be spent on stylish accommodation.


For instance, if you were travelling to Shoreditch, London to experience all the galleries, markets and boutiques it has to offer then you should choose a hotel that sits close to all the places you wish to visit. For instance, by staying in a hotel like the Dorsett City, London you afford yourself the opportunity to reach a plethora of places on foot. You could reach the Whitechapel gallery in eight minutes on foot. You could also reach Blitz London within eight minutes on foot too.


By saving yourself from having to dip into your budget to cover travel expenses you afford yourself more of your budget to play with. And the more you afford yourself to play with, the more stylish your accommodation can be. And you don’t even have to stay in these stylish hotels for long. You can stay in them for one or two nights if that suits your budget better. You just have to be prepared to get all your travelling activities and sightseeing done in that short period!


And you don’t have to bring one pair of clothes to last you as you travel either. Retaining a stylish dress sense is a must for some people. And if these people want to budget travel they can rest assured that there are fashionable travel hacks that won’t cost them. One hack is to pack your case with accessories. Accessories are small. Accessories are light. Accessories don’t play havoc when it comes to packing and bag sizes. And the best thing of all? Accessories can change the look of any style. You could wear the same shirt and jeans two days running, but different accessories on both days will make you look different on both of them.


Make sure to check out these five tips that will help you save on your holiday costs if you want to travel stylishly on a budget this summer.




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