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In the modern world, there is a lot of emphasis on the importance of finance. Of course, this makes sense. Without money, life can be very hard. And, the only way to ensure that you will have money into your later life is by starting with your finances early.


When you’re young, though, it can be very hard to focus on this area of life, however important it is. With your career and independent life just starting, you already have loads on your mind. But, in reality, this is, even more, reason to start working on this now. To help you out, this post will be going through some of the reasons you should start early. And, some of the ways you can put your money away.


savings and investments



For most, the aim of saving and investment is to try and make more money out of what you have. Most of the methods you’ll use to do this are based on interest, though. So, you know exactly what you can expect to make, long before you ever make it. Unfortunately, the nature of interest-based saving and investment means that the longer you have it in place, the more you will make.


Failing to save when you’re young will limit the amount of interest you can gain. With some services, like life insurance, you’ll find that the price only goes up as you get older, too. And, this will make it harder for you to save. Starting on something like this early will make it easier for you to make more money, along with helping you to learn everything while you’re still young.



Life insurance is one of the best investments a young person can make. Of course, you will never see this money again. Instead, it will be given to your loved ones when you pass away. But, this doesn’t make it any less important. In most cases, your insurance company will expect you to put forward a certain percentage of the policy, and they’ll cover the rest. So, regardless of your age, you will always have to contribute the same amount. A website like can help you to understand this better. But, basically, the longer you leave it, the more expensive this sort of service will become.




Of course, you probably won’t want all of your savings and investments to be slipping past you and into someone else’s pocket. And, this is where bonds and ISAs come in. In a lot of cases, these sorts of accounts are tax-free. This means that you will be given 100% of what is made from your money, without the government taking their own slice. Along with this, bonds, like the ones found on, are usually covered by your local government. This makes it impossible to lose money on them, at the cost of a lower return. Because the return on this sort of investment is very low, it’s good to start early to make the most of it.


Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start getting on top of your finances as early as possible. The skills required to go far in this sort of area will take a long time for you to learn. But, with the right effort, you’ll be able to start nice and early.




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Blogging is a dream. What better way to get your voice heard and make your living? The benefits are ten-fold. You get to work from home, and you achieve a platform without having to operate through a second-party. If you have a message you want to share with the world, this could be the perfect thing for you!

But, breaking into blogging isn’t as easy as some would have you believe. Hundreds of blogs fail to get off the ground each year. While the reasons for these failures vary, most have a few different things in common. Bloggers who don’t develop their designs past standard templates may fail to attract an audience. Equally, bloggers who stick to outdated topics could fail.

What do these two failures have in common? They rely on designs made by someone else, and ideas other people have already had. So, what can we learn from them? For the most part, the clear message is that you should inject your personality to unlock the potential of your blog. And, here are a few more reasons why it might be worth getting personal.



Most people who choose to start a blog have a strong creative impulse. They’re individuals who think outside the box and have opted for a career which allows for self-expression. So, it makes no sense that you’d opt to do things in the most boring way possible. Failing to get personal on your blog could lead to dissatisfaction and boredom. You may as well be in an office, right?

But, if you get personal, your satisfaction will soar. You’ll be able to embrace your creative side in the design and the concept. You’ll even be able to get your camera out and take snaps to include in your posts. It’s a creative cacophony, ideal for anyone with artistic flair.


blogging tips



A recent update from Google means boring blogs like the ones mentioned above have fallen in listings and suffered a significant drop in traffic. Why? Because Google’s realized that personality is the most important thing, too. Instead of backing outdated, lazy blogs, they’re now championing creative, quality content. And, your injection of personality will ensure you’re one of them.


If you want further assistance to get up the listings, you could also employ the help of an SEO services company. They’ll be able to help you develop what you’re doing, and ensure you reach the level of success you’re aiming for. You may be getting personal, but there’s no reason you need to do things alone!




blogging tips


At the end of the day, readers head to blogs because they’re looking for a personal connection. If there’s no personality in your posts, they aren’t going to stick around. But, if they get a sense of your life and your style, they’re more likely to invest in what you’re doing. They’ll keep returning to your page for the next installment, and they’ll care about what you say!



blogging tips


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Tips for Investing

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Thinking of investing some of your cash?  Below are some hints and tips to think about before making a decision.


Paying for Financial Advice

First, you have a choice of whether to take financial qualified advice regarding where to invest your money.  The key factor here is cost as you will be required to pay for this advice which could cost you 2% which means if you get a return of 2% in the first year you are back to square one!  There are a lot of websites out there that can provide you with generic information, it may be best to make the most of these if you decide not to seek qualified advice.


Investment Term

The length of time you want to invest depends on when you might require your money back.  The timescale of 5/10 years is regarded as medium to long term, anything less than this is considered short term.  Generally speaking, the shorter the term the less risk you should consider taking.



Broadly speaking, there are two places to put your money, deposit and investment.

Deposit accounts of all varieties while reassuringly boring you will know exactly where you will stand and how much you will get with this type of investment.  So for example say a fixed bond of 5 years with a fixed rate of 2.4% you will get a return on your investment of 2.4% which could either be paid annually or month.  However it may mean in ‘real terms’ it could be lower depending on inflation at the time.  The main point to make is that if the interest you are earning is less than inflation then the buying power of your savings will be reduced.


With investment there is no interest, instead you are taking the risk that over time the value of your investment will go up.  It can also go down and almost certainly will fluctuate in the middle.  Check to see if the advantages of an ISA are worth investing in.

There are good reasons to consider it, but the main decision you have is the underlying stocks and shares themselves. One that invests in blue chip UK shares is generally considered to be a lower risk than one that invests in the shares of India or China. The attraction of the higher risk option is the chance of a greater return over time, but the risk of greater loss is also there. When you invest a lump sum into a stocks and shares ISA, you buy “units” of that investment at the value they are on that day. If this is the route you are considering you may want to look at regular savings options. By “dripping” in your investment you can take advantage of “POUND COST AVERAGING” Here is an article that explains it.
Now let’s me take a step back. There have always been a few guidelines when considering investments:


Clear non- mortgage debt. If you have any non-mortgage debt, then the interest you are being charged will outweigh any returns you may get on your nest egg by far. Consider clearing this debt.


Emergency fund. An emergency fund should be sufficient to sustain your family if the main earner is unable to earn for six months.


Consider clearing mortgage debt. Paying off part of a mortgage will create a monthly saving which then can be used to drip into an investment if you wanted to. You need to play with the figures to see if that is a runner for you.


Make a will. Whatever you choose to do, making a Will most certainly will ensure your plans are likely to go on even if you don’t!


Review your life cover.  If you have a family, there would be costs on death so it’s an idea to spend some time thinking about the financial consequences, sort it out to your satisfaction, then forget about it for a few years and then review it again.


Look at pension provision. The pension market has changed beyond recognition over the last few years, but the tax relief still makes pension plans worth looking at.


Children’s future. Think about whether you want to put any savings in your children’s names directly.
Finally, spend some and have fun. None of us knows what’s around the corner and time is a vicious thief, banking a memory now will give a guaranteed return forever!


Happy Investing!



Tips for Investing



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