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Keeping on top of our finances in a world of beautiful advertisements and shopping malls is a tricky business. It seems that there’s always something close by desiring to part us with our cash.  That’s not a bad thing, it’s just something we need to take into account when we’re planning our monthly balance.



Having a weekly pay cheque might be more convenient from a budgeting perspective than a monthly pay cheque, but keeping a pro-active eye on your pennies and pounds can really help enable you to save for the long-term big purchases you just can’t do without.


However, smart spending habits don’t necessarily mean saving all of your money. If you don’t spend it, you defeat the point of earning it. Allowing yourself to have a little time for indulgent spending is a healthy exercise that keeps the economy moving forward.


Check out these following tips for the best ways to safely handle your money with peace of mind.




Researching a product that you’re looking to buy can be a fruitful endeavor. How long is the product likely to last? How long are you likely to use it for? What are you going to use it for? Is there a chance that you’ll get bored with it in the first few weeks of ownership?


For large purchases, a good rule of thumb is to note down what it is you’d really like to buy, wait a month or two, and then re-assess if your desire for the item is the same. If it is, go ahead and buy it. Now you’re more likely to find better deals online or in other stores. You’ll need to research to find this information though, as some things depreciate in value much faster than others. Clothes reduce in value much quicker than electronic goods do, for instance.


Avoid Spending Triggers


If you know that you’re prone to ordering take out food at 3 am, and it’s something you can’t really justify spending towards anymore, try deleting the apps from your phone, or removing the bookmarks from your web browser. Instead divert that investment to healthy food products, getting yourself set up with great cooking equipment and recipe books. This redirecting of your spending habits will actually help you create tangible, better real life habits, and that’s always healthy.


Be Patient


The virtue of patience is the greatest ally in the attempt to save yourself money. Items depreciate in value relatively fast these days, and you’re always going to get a better deal elsewhere. If you can’t justify purchasing the item straight away, why not see if it turns up second hand online in a few weeks?


Allow Your Indulgences


As long as it’s not contributing to a bad habit, spending on indulges like days or nights out are always a healthy pursuit. If you feel you can make money through a certain means with an investment, feel free to do that too. This might mean buying shares in a company, or simply playing bingo online. Make sure you double check your investment source is reliable though. You can do this through viewing online opinion such as this FoxyBingo review.


You see how simple it can be? Saving isn’t always a case of going without. It’s just a case of temperance, research, planning and wisely acting upon what you’ve found. Like anything in life, that’s a positive attitude to have.



bank balance happy

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