Top Tips for Taking a Dating Profile Picture

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There is so much to think about when writing your dating profile that the photo can sometimes be an after thought.  However, don’t worry because the following tips will help you perfect your profile pictures without having to be a professional photographer or having a top of the range camera.

Before getting in to the tips I wanted to share with you why profile pictures and getting them right are so important.  I have read that over half of people who are on free dating websites or paid, do not open any profiles without photos.  People have also said that the photo is par tof the profile that makes them want to know more about the person.  So you see, it’s a very important part of the dating experience.

Tip 1:  Act Comfortable

You really don’t want to be taking a photo that feels false or stilted.  So the best way of doing that is to take your photo somewhere that you feel comfortable.  This is a portrait you are taking, so make sure your surroundings reflect you and show you in a relaxed, happy pose.  Also ensure your smile is a natural one and not forced.

Tip 2:  Just the right photo

It’s important not to show too much skin in profile pictures.  Also, don’t wear sunglasses when taking your photo either as people won’t be able to see your eyes.  To give you an idea of what other profile photos look like and which might give you inspiration I suggest you visit some dating websites such as where you will be able to see what images interest you.

Tip 3:  Get the shot!

So you are in a comfortable place, you are dressed appropriately and you’re ready to take the shot.  However, there is just one more thing to consider.  The lighting!  This tip is about ensuring the camera can capture you without any darkness or blurriness. This could lead to grainy pictures. Lights should be in front of you and not behind, this ensures your face is lit up appropriately.  So position yourself accordingly.

Tip 4:  Shoot, Shoot and Shoot

With digital cameras we can take as many photos as we like without worrying about having to go to the chemist to get them developed!  Take a few pictures and upload to your computer so you can get a better view. Judge them accordingly and continue to do this until you get the photo you like that has the right amount of lighting, the correct pose and you are happy with.

I know figuring out the best photo to choose for your dating profile can be difficult but hopefully the above tips will help make this easier for you.  Just remember you want to show off your best and to do that you need to be ruthless with your decision on which photo to choose.  Putting your best face forward is tough but I’ve no doubt using the above tips will help you take the best photo you can.

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