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The internet is wonderful, it’s a great place where you can make money such as completing surveys or getting cashback.  Unfortunately, it’s also a place where people try to trick us out of parting with our cash.  There are people out there that are determined to defraud us and will use the internet to do it.  There are a lot of scams but below I’m sharing some tips on Email scams and fake websites.


Below I’ve pulled together some tips to help you spot a scam.  Remember, if you spot it you can stop it!


Email scams


Some fake emails can be difficult to spot, a lot of them are so realistic.  Email scams are also known as phishing where they try and get personal information from you and sometimes the email also contains a virus.


  • Always check the ‘from’ section of the email. This way you can check who it is really from.  Be wary of names which have spelling mistakes or variations of a reputable company.  If you are still in doubt, check the company website to see how their general email address.  You can also email them just to double check.
  • A lot of scam emails contain a lot of spelling mistakes and the ones from further afield use grammar that doesn’t make sense. Read the email carefully.
  • Links – if you are unsure about the email and the links contained within them – open another tab and go to the website directly – i.e. your bank or PayPal.
  • Report – if you suspect a phishing email report it to your email provider.



Fake Websites


Unfortunately, this happened to me recently.  I purchased some items from a website and in the end had to go to my credit card company to get a refund for goods that never arrived and never existed!  Below are some tips I am now using to ensure this doesn’t happen again:


  • Look at the contact us section of the website, try phoning them or emailing and wait for a reply.
  • Check for online reviews and see what has been reported.
  • Check with companies’ house, you can do a search for free if you have the company name.



Useful information


If you believe you have been the victim of a scam you can do the following:


  • Contact your local police.
  • Contact your bank / credit card company to let them know what has happened, they will talk you through the procedure to get your money back.
  • Report it through ActionFraud which is a great website providing hints and tips to prevent identity fraud.



Have you any tips you’d like to share?  I’d love to hear from you.



online scams


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