The Art To Saving Money With Second-Hand Purchases

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So many ideas exist to help you save money every day. For me, one of the easiest is to stop buying brand new things. If you need to buy something, check to see if you can get it second-hand. It will always be cheaper, you get the item you need, and you save a fortune. 

However, it’s not quite as simple as that. There’s an art to buying second-hand items and ensuring you get excellent value for money while still having a high-quality item. 

Want to know how? Here are my tips: 

Always buy expensive items second-hand

Buying everyday items second-hand is going to be tough. It’s hard to find them, but the savings won’t be that substantial. Instead, save this tactic for the most expensive items in your life. A car, for example, costs a lot of money to buy new. However, there are companies like Motormill that sell loads of used cars every day. Here, you can get your hands on a vehicle for thousands of pounds cheaper than if you got a new one. The best part is, the car will still work perfectly, and you’ll get many years out of it. 

The same goes for expensive appliances – you can save a fortune by purchasing used ones. Furniture is another fantastic example. A used sofa can look good as new, but be worth way less than a brand new one. 

Make sure you buy from trusted sellers

The biggest mistake, when buying used items, is to just get them from anywhere. You rock up to a car boot sale and buy second-hand things from anybody. This increases the chances of wasting money on a used item that’s really poor in quality. As a result, it won’t last long, and you’ll spend more money replacing it. 

Ideally, you should make your purchases from trusted sellers. Using the examples above, this would include authentic used car websites, companies that are well-established and supply second-hand furniture, or approved sellers of used appliances. On places like Amazon or eBay, you can find ratings for the sellers. So, this lets you know that you’re buying from people you trust. Also, check the online reviews for any websites or businesses you’re thinking of buying from. 

Don’t completely compromise quality over costs

I appreciate this can be confusing as the whole point of buying used items is that you’re willing to slightly compromise on the quality of the product. However, you shouldn’t push things too far. Be willing to buy something with slight signs of wear and tear, but don’t compromise to the point where you buy something in awful condition just because it’s crazily cheap. 

There’s a fine balance involved here! A good approach is to compromise on trivial things or elements that won’t have a huge bearing on the product. For example, buying a used sofa with some minor scratches on the back. Sure, it doesn’t look that great, but it won’t impact the longevity of the sofa. 

You will 100% save money by making some second-hand purchases. Like I said earlier, you don’t have to buy everything second-hand. It’s a method that works best for expensive purchases, but you can pick and choose how you use it. 

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