Surely Not The Rings? The Wedding Saving Which Won’t Be As Painful As You’re Expecting

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Given that the average wedding costs £27,161, it’s no wonder you’re looking for ways to ensure your big day costs less. But, even for those of us determined to halve the bill have no-compromise zones. For some couples, location is the sticking point. For others, getting the perfect dress is essential. And, one thing near enough any bride and groom agree on is that rings aren’t up for discussion.

That makes sense when you consider you take these forward with you. The wedding, decorations, guests, all that stuff is for one day. But, the rings are with you for life. Is it too much to ask for a little leeway with them?



If you’re struggling, yes. After all, the rings are one of the significant expenses, especially if you go all out. Cutting costs here could make a drastic difference. But, before you start freaking out, consider that reducing costs doesn’t have to mean compromising on rings which are special to you. And, we’re going to look at why.


Knowledge can save you money


Saving money doesn’t have to mean settling for rings you hate. In fact, if you take the time to research using resources like Diamond Expert, you stand to get exactly what you want, but for less. Here, you can learn about the diamonds on the market and their costs. You can also learn about the cheapest dealerships. Shopping in this knowledgeable way is sure to lead to something better suited than you’d find in a traditional jeweller. So, not only could you save money, but you could also end with the ring of your dreams.



Compromising on colour costs less

When we picture diamonds, most of us think clear. That’s what we see in every jewellery ad out there. In truth, though, off colour or ‘yellow’ diamonds cost a significant amount less. In fact, when it comes to price and colour, there’s a D to Z grading system. D is the diamond we think of first. Z is that ‘yellow’ diamond we spoke about. In truth, anything less than an F is going to save you a lot of money. But, why does this make your rings special? Because they’re unique, of course. And, doing things a little differently is never a bad thing when it comes to marriage.


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Meaningful doesn’t mean expensive



Perhaps the best way you can make cheaper rings special is to get them engraved. This small gesture will ensure you cherish those rings forever. And, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune, either. Isn’t that proof that you don’t need to spend the world to secure meaningful wedding rings? Bear in mind that engraving with your jeweller may still bring a hefty fee. Instead, don’t be afraid to pick up your rings and take them to a typical high-street engraving company. That way, you can add this special touch for a fraction of the price. And, you can bet that even a £1 million ring would’t have as much meaning as yours.


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