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Periods or should I say tampons have been in the news a lot recently.  The campaign to abolish what has become known as the ‘Tampon Tax’ has hit the headlines around the world. Companies are beginning to reduce the price of their sanitary products as these items are now seen as a necessity and not a luxury.


This news is to be welcomed. What is also welcoming is that we are talking about periods. There are some topics that still seem to be ‘taboo’. For the life of me I can’t see why periods would be one of them. After all it is an integral part of growing up and something that all young girls go through.


Our bodies go through all kinds of changes during the monthly period cycle so it is wonderful to see start-up companies developing subscription boxes to help you during your period. A number of these boxes go beyond providing sanitary products, with some moving in to the territory of self-care providing calming tea, chocolate, and beauty products.


Whether you are a mother wanting to help your daughter with her first period or you need some extra TLC during your period, there is something for everyone. You can purchase a box as a one-off or you can commit to
subscribing. The choice really is yours. Below are four subscription boxes which we have tested.


1. Pink Parcel: £12.99 plus free delivery

Pink Parcel not just provides you with your monthly pads or tampons but they also aim to promote your health and well-being by providing products such as tea, chocolate, and beauty products. Each subscription box is beautifully packaged with smaller individual boxes such as the ‘For You’ box containing all the treats, ‘For Later’ box with a selection of tampons and ‘For Night’ with a selection of pads. The September box contained a selection of Belgian chocolates, peach and rhubarb tea, feminine intimate wash, nail polish, lip pencil, make-up brush and a
conditioning foot mask.

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2. bettybox: £12.99 plus free delivery

The bettybox is ideal for younger girls. You can specially tailor the box to meet your monthly period needs. The box contained sweet treats in the ‘for you’ box with the addition of items such as lip balm, a hair mask, nail polish, a unicorn notepad and highlighter. I must say the box is extremely cute and would be ideal for teenagers. You can also design your own box and set a date as to when you need it to arrive. While the main part is the Betty Box, their website is an excellent resource of information for any questions relating to periods.

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period subscription boxes

3. Monthlies: £4 for 7 items to £7 for 30 items

Monthlies aim to make periods ‘drama-free’ by providing pads and tampons which are organic and eco-friendly. You can build your own box by deciding on whether you prefer pads or tampons and how many you require. The selection of pads and tampons was impressive. A free cotton bag was also included in the box which is great for keeping your sanitary products together in your handbag. There’s nothing worse that pulling something out of your bag only to have your sanitary items fall on the floor!

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4. Yoppie, Your Happy Period: £5.90 per month

Yoppie aims to not only provide you with 100% organic cotton tampons but for every month you subscribe they will give a month’s supply of sanitary products, underwear and invest in reproductive health education to girls in need. Yoppie hopes that every girl who uses their products will feel empowered and empower others. The box is discreet and fits easily in your bag. There were a selection of tampons ranging from mini to super. Each month you can select the type of tampon you use, decide on the frequency of the delivery – every month or two, finally you choose a date for delivery.

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My Verdict: Period Subscription Boxes

While all the boxes are a great idea, the Pink Parcel and Betty boxes went beyond providing sanitary products which I believe would make them a real treat for yourself or to give as a gift, so they get my vote. However, I must give a special mention to Monthlies and Yoppie for their dedication to organic products and philanthropy.


Other subscription boxes

I have to admit to being hooked on subscription box gifts there are so many out there.  Indeed there are subscription boxes for everything from cheese to wine. Which one will you go for?

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