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Climbing the career ladder is easier than you think, if you’re willing to take heed of the advice below.


You need to market yourself from the off. When applying for a job, even if it’s at the bottom of your career ladder and is entry level, you have to be what they’re looking for from the first contact. Generally, this first point of contact is the application stage.


Even though you’re not selling yourself in person, selling yourself well in an application, covering letter or most importantly your CV is essential. It is the first of you that your prospective employees will see. The application itself needs to completed fully and written perfectly.


Your covering letter needs to sell yourself in line with the job description. A good bit of advice when it comes to this is to have the description of the role you are applying for at your side as you write the covering letter. That way you can ensure that you write about areas that they’re demanding from the person they employ.


For instance, if in the job description it asks for somebody who is attuned to the latest technologies, then you should write about all your experiences with the latest technologies. And speaking of writing about your experiences, you need to ensure that your CV is perfect.


This is the key to you getting the job and not getting it, which is why you should seek assistance from a professional, such as the CV writing service from Purple CV. This way you can be sure that all your information is not only there, but written and laid out in the most marketable way possible.
And once you get the job (which you will stand a better chance of if you take the advice above) you have to get to know your boss. No, this doesn’t mean you have to go out for meals and drinks with them at the weekend (if you don’t want to). It means you should never be scared or intimidated to talk to them.


It means you should be as open with them about yourself and your career as possible. Mainly, it means you should make them like you. And there’s no better way to make somebody like you than to just be likeable! Coming into work every morning with a proactive attitude and not being afraid to converse with co-workers will make you seem likeable, even if outside of work you’re not all that likeable.
You also be open to idea of educating yourself fully. Going back to education is a great way to get ahead on your career ladder. Going back to university, college or taking an online training course is a great way for you to garner all the knowledge needed for you to skip a few steps on the career ladder.


You should always remember that the best tool a human has is their brain, and you should certainly use yours in this venture.


For more tips on how to climb the career ladder, click here. So, what’s stopping you? Go on. Climb that career ladder, now!



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