Setting Up Your Dream Office On A Budget

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Things seem to be constantly evolving when it comes to careers, jobs, money-making schemes, and side-hustles. We are living in an internet age where there is an increasing number of opportunities to work for yourself and earn extra money;  whether that’s to save, invest, or spend on what you need to get by. Therefore, many people are setting up a working, or office space in their homes so that they can switch off from the rest of household life, and concentrate on those tasks that are earning them money. Whatever your talent or passion is, if you’re able to make a living from it, or earn extra money to enhance your current income; it’s worth pursuing something you love, especially if it’s from the comfort and convenience of your own home. However, you don’t want to spend a fortune setting up your office space, as it would defeat the point of earning any extra money.


There are an array of ways to create a room or an area of your home that would make an ideal working space; you might just need a little time, effort, and creativity. It’s not about going online a choosing a whole office suite, as this will cost you more money than needed; it’s about shopping around for great deals, and being savvy with your purchases, and utilising what you already have. So, if your side hustle is in need of a professional boost, and you want to create an environment that’s going to help push it further; it’s time to get your notebook and pen ready. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for those wanting to turn an under-used area of their home into somewhere they’ll be able to bring in an income, without the distractions of everyday household life.




Little Bits That Make A Big Difference


It’s all very well having great interior design skills and creating a beautiful space (more of that later; however, your priority needs to be the office equipment, accessories, and those little things that you’re going to need daily. Therefore, you’ll need to write a list of all the actions and activities that will be carried out in the space, and write down each item you’ll need to do so. To save you running out to the shops to print your letters and documents, or paying more than should with an online service, then waiting for things t arrive; it’s worth investing in a printer for the space. There are an array of great printers available to buy online, so keep your eyes peeled for the best deals, promotions, or any mid-season sale coming up. It’s worth stocking up on cheap printer ink and cartridges so that you’re never caught short and an inconvenient time; fill a desk drawer with extra and backup items, and take advantage of the affordability of buying in bulk when you’re certain you will use things.


You don’t need a whole set of new stationery; there will be a plethora of notebooks, diaries, paper, pens, and pencils in your home that you can make the most of. You must have received lovely stationery as a gift on more than one occasion, and it’ll be in a drawer somewhere, along with its accompanying pens. Therefore, it’s time to do a scavenger hunt a collate everything that could be transferred to your new office environment. If you can’t find anything; stationery sales are the place to look; discounts tend to be high when shops are shifting out their old stock, and you’ll be able to pick up an array of essential, and quality items if you’re looking in the right places. Next, you’ll need to sort out some office storage solutions; pots and small drawers for your desk will allow you to access your items with ease, and you can use dividers in your large desk drawers to ensure that everything has its place. The more organised your office is, the easier it will be to think and carry out the job at hand.


Larger Functional Pieces


When it comes to your office furniture, you’ll want to ensure that you’re comfortable, and have enough space to feel like you have a clean and clear mind to think and work productively. Therefore, the desk, or surface space you choose, should be as sizeable as possible, without making you feel cramped in the room or area you’ve chosen. New, designer desks can be very expensive; however, there are a variety of modern, stylish designs available, at affordable prices. Look into stores based online; they can often offer a lower cost piece of furniture because they’re not paying for rent or overheads. Although you’ll want affordable items, it’s worth making an effort to find something that will last for the years ahead so that you don’t have to replace it regularly, and it remains fresh and stylish. If you favour a more traditional desk; head to online auction sites and charity shops; you can often find a solid wood bargain, and all it needs is a clean, or upcycling with a coat of paint to give it a new lease of life.


Your office chair is important as it needs to be somewhere you can remain comfortable, and won’t do any harm to your back or posture. Therefore, it’s worth investing in an ergonomic design and discovering the best places online to find affordable and discounted options. Perhaps you’ll need to head back to an online auction or charity shop again, or treat yourself to something new in the sales. It’s worth looking into what makes a great office chair before you buy anything, and hit the shops with plenty of information and knowledge regarding what you need and want. It’s worth having a sturdy set of shelves alongside your desk storage so that you can have your books, files, printer, and decorative items in sight, and with easy access. You can paint second-hand shelving to match your desk so that the space ties together and is aesthetically pleasing. Make sure that you don’t overcrowd your office with too much furniture and storage; you need to remember that you’ll want the space to feel as open and fresh as possible, for a productive and efficient working environment.


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