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The cost of travel seems to be ever-increasing in the current day, so finding a way to save money when it comes to day-to-day transport is a welcome bit of relief. Train travel is set to increase by 3.1% in 2019, and petrol prices show no signs of dropping down below a pound, there seems to be no fuel price war on the horizon like a few years ago. Here are some options available to you so that you can avoid paying out too much on your travel.




As has been referenced above, the cost of train travel in the UK continues to go up every year, and there appears to be no suggestion that this attack on commuter’s bank accounts is going to stop anytime soon. So, if you are a regular train user, it will be worth looking into ways of saving money on your ticket expenses


For starters, using services like the Commuter Club, you can save money by purchasing an annual pass. It may seem like a high price to pay at first, but by buying your ticket on an annual basis, you will save hundreds of pounds a year. Money that can be spent on something you want to do rather than the necessity of community. Some passes also come with the option to include buses, so make sure you are preparing yourself for your entire journey and not just the expensive bit.


In addition to annual passes, there are also railcards that will help you save a reasonable amount of money. For people who travel with their partner, there is the option of a Two Together railcard which saves a third on journeys. There are also regional passes which can help you save when it comes to journeys outside of the major cities and are worth looking into.


Research is going to be the name of the game when it comes to saving on public transport, and that will also help you with the next mode of transport as well.






Driving can be considered a luxury past time, and for those people paying out for your motor is not going to be a problem. However, if you are someone who uses your car as a matter of requirement then the costs of buying, owning and running your vehicle is going to be frustrating.


Buying your car doesn’t have to be the expense that it appears to be on the surface. Shopping around for a reliable car can be as simple as visiting somewhere like a Nissan Dealers and finding yourself a used car that has a full service history and demonstrable quality. In addition, similar to the annual train pass, you can get finance deals that allow you to pay off in regular sums rather than one big figure.


When it comes to saving money in the other areas of driving, comparison websites are your best friend for insurance. Make sure you are fully covered, but also be confident that you are not overpaying.

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