Mastering Trade Show & Exhibition Nerves: A Simple Guide

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For some business owners, the idea of attending a trade show or an exhibition is fantastic news. They can’t wait to get out there, meet the public, showcase their business, and exercise their selling skills. For these people, trade shows and exhibitions are always going to be a highlight on their business calendar.


What if you’re not one of those people, though? What if you understand the need to go to trade shows and exhibitions; accept it’s a necessary marketing tactic and know you’re going to have to do it… but you really don’t want to?


First and foremost, be reassured by the simple fact that you’re not alone. Many business owners hate the idea of trade shows and exhibitions; not every entrepreneur is a natural salesperson who relishes the chance to showcase their business to the public. However, there really is no denying how necessary these events are to your business— so how can you quell your nerves and get the most you possibly can from the experience?




Preparation is incredibly soothing, especially if you’re struggling with anxiety. Preparation gives you something to focus on, which helps to prevent your mind from running away with you and distracting you from the task at hand. To fight back against this, take the time to carefully research everything you need for a truly successful exhibition; order new business cards, make sure you contact bespoke exhibition stand companies to make your order in good time, and speak with your employees to ensure you’ll have enough support on the day. The busier you keep yourself, the more likely you are to control your nerves in the run-up to the big day.


Practice deep breathing techniques


Are you rolling your eyes at the idea that something as simple as deep breathing could really help control your nerves? Your scepticism is common, but deep breathing genuinely can help to control anxiety, and you could find this particularly useful on the day of the exhibition. Given that deep breathing is free and relatively simple to do, why not give it a shot and see if it works for you? Here’s an exercise you might find beneficial…



Consider hiring in extra help


If you really don’t think you can face the pressured environment of a trade show or exhibition, then you might be best to outsource the customer-facing aspect. Employees may be able to handle the responsibility themselves, or you could hire in a sales expert to coordinate the event especially for that day. You can then sit in a quiet space and watch the event unfold in private, keeping in touch with everyone on the floor throughout the day. It’s not an ideal solution, but it’s better than worrying yourself into a frenzy, and it’s definitely better than worrying so much you decide to abandon the whole idea of attending an exhibition.


In conclusion


Nerves and anxiety can be extremely dominant, and it’s natural to struggle with them. Hopefully, the ideas above will help to find a solution that means your business is still able to benefit from trade shows and exhibitions, without causing you undue emotional stress and concern. Good luck.


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