Low cost date ideas for the older dater

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Before getting in to the low cost date ideas, I wanted to share with you how much the dating game has changed.  This is important especially if you are over 50.  There is so much more to offer these days it’s important to know which is right for you:

Single and Mature

It can be so tough when you are over 50 to meet new people which is where mature dating or senior dating comes in.  This type of dating has exploded in recent years and is fantastic for those over 50 to meet like minded individuals.  These dating apps opens the door to unlimited possibilities from getting a new partner to just friendship.  The choice is yours. 

Cougar Dating

This is yet another option to try.  If you are a mature woman looking for a young man or a younger man looking for a mature woman there are so many more options for you these days and because it is so popular there is no need to be embarrassed! 

One Night Stands

Again there are many options for one night stand dating and you don’t need to worry.  Having a one night stand can be a fantastic experience but make sure you know what to expect and you are not under the impression there will be more!  It’s great for people who don’t want any pressure for a full on relationship. 

Date ideas

Dating is an important step if you are going on a first date and especially if you are new to it or are an older dater.  Dates can often break the ice when you first meet.  So if you meet your date on websites such as singleandmature.com these date ideas will help you have an enjoyable experience and help you get to know each other without breaking the bank.  

date ideas

First Date Ideas

When planning a first date it’s always good to think about the type of conversation you will be having.  You will want to get to know each other so going to a loud bar just won’t do!  It’s probably a better idea to go some place that will help facilitate a conversation without you having to shout.  Some first date idea places to visit could include:

  • Your favourite coffee shop. It can also be cheap too as you can sit over a coffee and have a conversation for hours if the mood takes you.  It also means if it doesn’t go to plan you can leave without there being any pressure.
  • Meet for dinner. This is more than likely the most common idea but it’s also a great one too!  It gives you the chance to talk and have a nice meal too.  You can also share the costs which is great!
  • Take a Class.  Cookery classes or art classes are a great way to have fun and get to know your date.  They are becoming very popular these days so you should find one near you.

If all goes well then you can start planning the next date.  Below I have listed some fun date ideas to get you started.  Remember you don’t have to do it all, ask your new partner what they would like to do too as sometimes it can be simpler than you think.

Some fun ideas include:

  • Have a Picnic in the Park. This can be so romantic, filling a wicker basket with all your favourite foods and wine and of course a blanket.
  • Be adventurous. Why not try going out on your bike, walking or hiking?  A great way to keep fit and have fun too.
  • Go dancing.  Find a local class that takes Salsa!  A great fun activity and you can get close to your partner too.
  • Take a pottery-making class. Remember the film Ghost?  Well pottery can be so much fun, check out your local press for pottery classes.

If you would like to experience other ways of dating there is plenty of choice out there.  For example if you are interested in cougar dating or one night stands there are options for that too.  Deciding on what type of dating you want or options you want try there are so much choice out there.

Whatever you decide to do, dating is the most effective way to get to know someone but also to keep your relationship going.  Also remember there are so many websites out there and different options available for you to try. So go on and have some fun!

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