The Key To Making Customers Feel Special

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Making customers feel special is one of the most important things you can do if you want your business to do well. You could have the best product in the world, but if your customer service is lacking and they don’t feel great about the service they received, they’re unlikely to come back to you. It’s all about the overall experience, and not just the product or service. Here are some suggestions for making your customers feel special that really work:


Surprise Them

Making your customers feel special can be done by surprising them. You don’t have to show up at their door with a holiday to the Caribbean, although you can if you want to. Instead, think about what you can include in their service that will surprise and delight them. For example, a simple handwritten note can sometimes be nice enough. You could include a small free gift or sample. You could even upgrade their delivery to next day for free. Doing random kind acts like this will make them smile and they’ll want to work with you again.





Respond In A Timely Manner

Make sure your customers are never waiting too long for a reply. This is why it can help to have one person, or a team of people dedicated to this job alone. Responding via email and on social media quickly is a must. People need instant gratification, and they want answers now! If you leave them hanging too long, you’ll come across as a brand that doesn’t care, and they will go elsewhere.


Minimise Business Downtime

If your website is down and things just don’t seem to be working online, your customers will find somewhere else to get what they want. Minimising business downtime not only shows your customers you care, it saves you a lot of money, too. You may not be able to do this yourself, so hiring a specialist company similar to Mustard IT could be the best thing to do. They can ensure everything is running smoothly no matter what.


Personalise Interactions

Personalising interactions helps you to build those all important customer relationships, and shows them that you’re paying attention, which is a must!


Give Them Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty rewards are a great incentive to continue purchasing with you. You could give free products with so many points, allowing your customers to convert their points earned into cash or vouchers.


Speak To Them Like A Person

There’s nothing worse than dishing out robotic responses. This makes it clear that you’re not really paying attention to what they are seeing – examples can be spotted all over social media. Have empathy and speak to your customers like people. Pay attention to what they’re saying.


Go Above And Beyond

Consider how you can go above and beyond to make your customers feel great about your service. This is particularly important if they have already encountered a problem and contact you about it. If you don’t handle it correctly, you could lose them forever. Make them feel like they’ve had a huge victory after contacting you!

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