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In my quest to not only increase my income to save for a family holiday I also have to look at my outgoings so I have researched and used cashback apps over the last 6-12 months and am going to share these with you now.

Today it is difficult learning how to budget your family income, especially if you are a newlywed or a first time mummy and have bills you never expected but I know with a little planning you can make your money go further – even on a small budget so you can save up and buy the things you really want!

Over the past while I have saved hundreds by using cashback apps, although it does take a little bit of planning before you go but trust me, it really is worth it.


How does cashback apps work?

Put quite simply they give you back money you spend on items that they have listed on their app.  The difference between the app as opposed to a coupon is that you need to buy the product first before getting your money back.

Each app has a different selection of products with some even offering 100% cashback – making the item free!

Alternatively sometimes you can combine the cashback with coupons which will give you an even bigger saving – I will be writing about coupons in a later post so keep checking the blog.



How do I get started?

First you need to download the app to your phone and register.


First download the app from the link here.  The cashback offers can be valid for in-store and online but there are terms and conditions for each so check carefully.  There is also an expiry date on the purchase – again check this carefully.

First look at what offers are listed on the app, buy the product and then take a photo of the receipt, upload it and get the cashback credited to your account.  Once you reach the £5.00 minimum payment you can transfer the amount to either your Paypal account or your bank account.


ClickSnap / Quidco

In order to access ClickSnap you will need to sign up to Quidco, just click here.  Once you sign up to Quidco, download the ClickSnap app.  Once you enter the app you will see a selection of what is on offer.  You purchase the product, take a photo of your receipt, upload it and cashback is credited to your account.  You can withdraw your cash once you reach £1 and this can be paid either via your Paypal account or your bank account.


TopCashback Snap and Save

Again download the app from here and set up your account.  Buy the product you are looking to get cashback on, take a photo of your receipt, upload it and get the cashback credited to your account.



Download the app from here.  Each cashback offer can only be redeemed once per offer period.  They normally change each Tuesday.  Purchase any of the products you wish to have cashback on, scan the barcode (I would suggest doing this instore to make sure you have the correct product), take a photo of your receipt, upload it and get credited for the cashback amount.

Once you reach £4.00 you can transfer your cashback to either your Paypal account or your bank account.



Download the app and if you wish to sign up with my referral code KMHECCCP you’ll also get cashback for a FREE Green & Blacks Organic chocolate bar!  The site is straightforward, the products you can claim cashback for are listed, purchase the product, scan the barcode, take a photo of your receipt and upload, credit is normally within the hour and is automatically transferred to your bank or Paypal account each claim you make.


GreenJinn App (for iphones only)

Download the app, register, select what kind of coupons you are interested in and hey presto cashback options will appear on your phone.  Please note GreenJinn only works in Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.


Happy money saving.

Elf x

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