How to Save Money on Those Financial Decisions

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There probably isn’t a person alive who isn’t looking at the best way to save some money on the things that they pay for on a regular occasion. If saving isn’t your forte, then you might find it easier to cut back on what you spend – without putting money away. Or, perhaps, you are looking to find a way to save and also make some extra room in your budget.

All of those things are entirely possible. And, when you get down to it, not that difficult with a little perseverance.

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Compare and Price Match

There are a lot of fantastic comparison websites now. And you can just pop in your details, and a list of providers and offers will pop up. You can, at your leisure, scroll through and find the suppliers that are the lowest for the best service. You can compare pretty much anything, electricity suppliers or compare van insurance quotes, bank loans to contractors.

Check out a browser extension or app. There are a few that every site you go to they make sure you are shopping at the lowest priced retailer for that item. You might assume that there is just one way to compare prices, but actually, there are a few. So depending on your type of online shopping you might like to check a few of these out:

InvisibleHand – Safari, Firefox, Chrome – This one works for retailers across the US, UK, and German, it works without a prompt from you and automatically checks other prices on anything from toothpaste to hotels. If you use Explorer, then try Shopmate or Ciuvo.

Amabay – Firefox, Chrome – This nifty one compares prices on used items from Amazon and eBay.

Cash Back

Online shopping is one of the biggest markets out there so it would be in your best interest to check out a few of the best cash back places on the web. Here are a few places that you can check out:

TopCashback – they tend to pay the most, and it’s free to use. Simply sign up and when you want to buy something go there first. They also have special offers you can take advantage of, so sign up to their emails too.

Quido – Great pay, pick the basic membership, and it’s free. Again, keep track of the emails and special offers to gets boosts on your purchases.

Buy Discount, Sell Full Price

There are websites where you can purchase gift store cards for less than the value of the card. Once you have it, you can sell it on for full price making a bit of money back. Or you can buy the discounted card, and buy a full-priced item – whatever works for you.


Cleo and Plum are great ways to save each week automatically. They work out how much you can comfortable save, and automatically put it into an account for you. You can withdraw it at any time, or stop the transfer altogether. Plum has recently introduced investments too, and Cleo has an overdraft service should you need it. Both of these can help you stash a little away each week, or save towards a goal. As well as having the option to create budgets.

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