How To Protect Yourself In The Workplace

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The workplace can often be somewhere that’s dangerous if you’re not looking after yourself properly. Not only that, but your employee should be making the necessary efforts to keep you safe from harm. Here are some tips to protect yourself in the workplace.

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Be Wary Of Lifting Heavy Materials

When it comes to lifting, you should be wary of what you lift and what your body can physically carry without applying strain to the body. When it comes to things like heavy lifting, you should be asking your employer for the relevant safety equipment to move it successfully, and in some cases, a sack truck might be needed. There are things that you can put in place for yourself in order to protect yourself when in the workplace and others that your employer can do to ensure the working environment is a safe one. You should never try and lift anything that is too heavy for you, as that could cause injury and potentially long-term injuries to your body. Be careful and take caution in everything you do within the workplace.

Report Anything Dangerous

The workplace is an environment that can often be dangerous, and although an operations or building team can be found in most businesses, they can’t keep track of everything. As an employee, you have shared responsibility for the care of yourself but also for colleagues. So if you spot anything that doesn’t look right, out of place or could be a danger to anyone, then report it. You can give this notice directly to the relevant person in charge, or you could log it over email or whatever system there is in place for problems in the building.

Look After Your Mental Wellbeing

Your mental wellbeing is very important and what you do to look after it is essential. Be sure to take plenty of time off when needed, rather than taking all your annual leave in one go. Anything that concerns you or causes stress within your role, speak to your manager about it. Build a relationship with your manager so that you feel like you can communicate with them effectively. Your mental health can often be affected by things going on in work, and it can be handy to have someone to trust and that you can speak about it too. If you ever feel overwhelmed, don’t leave it bottled up.

Keep A Log

Not every workplace is perfect, but they should, for the most part, be focusing intently on their health and wellbeing of staff. You may come across occasions where that’s not the case, and so to help yourself, it’s good to protect yourself and keep a log. This can be for workplace bullying, times where you felt like your contract has been breached, or there is something that’s concerning you. By keeping an official log, you can present this as evidence if it’s ever needed.

Keep yourself protected in the workplace by doing what you can to look after yourself.

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