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Warren Buffet is one of the wealthiest people in the world, yet when he was asked what he thought the best investment was, he said:


“The most important investment you can make is in yourself.”


He went on to say that he has never stopped learning and as a result has got better at was he does.  For all sorts of common sense reasons, not all of us can become one of the wealthiest people on the planet. However, we can take heed of his advice and improve through learning, free learning! The internet is awash with free resources on virtually any subject. You can type “How to…” for anything into YouTube and there will  almost certainly be a video showing you how to do it. From craft subjects to fixing cars, cooking to web design, you can just watch and learn. Try it. Go on to YouTube now and type in something you would like to learn about. I bet you’ll find something of interest!


Perhaps you prefer something a little more structured. Most people are aware of the Open University and that it provides access to graduate level qualifications in a way that a conventional university doesn’t, but are you aware that it has about 1000 courses that you can sign up to for free? Business, Education, Sport, Health, Languages, Environment and Law are just some of the subjects covered. Go to and see if there is something for you.


If you think your CV could do with a bit of a boost, take a look at the Vision2Learn website  Vision2Learn is a government funded project designed to make available  relevant online courses that will improve your chances in the workplace (or the self employed workplace!) Customer Service, IT skills, Business Administration and a lot more are covered. All are designed to end with a certificate and are delivered online with human support to guide you through the process. As well as improving your CV, employers are always impressed with anyone that has used some initiative and done some self improvement or learning.


Ever wanted to learn a language? The choice of learning languages is truly wide! As well as countless Youtube videos and many free websites such as,there are a number of apps such as DuoLingo which will do the job. All you need to do is take a little time to look at a few of them and decide which of the many methods of learning suits you best. Some of them even have you talking to native speakers in exchange for you helping them with English. As I said, the choice is huge and there will be a style of learning that is perfect for you somewhere.


Never has it been easier to find help in improving your knowledge and while a lot of this is free, it may be that some courses have to be paid for. Before jumping straight in with the debit card in these instances, do a little more digging. Some courses may have a free taster course so you can dip your toe in before you spend. Others may offer a bursary or discount depending on your personal circumstances. Always ask first, you may be entitled to something that is not well advertised. If you are thinking of a course that will help you in your job, talk to your employer, it is quite possible that your boss may be persuaded to cover all or part of the fees, especially if they can see how it will make you a better employee.



This is a guest post by George the Retired Broker.  You can visit his blog here.



invest in yourself


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