Here’s How Your Big Day Can Cost Less

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Weddings are one of the things we spend the largest amount of money in the UK, pretty crazy when you think about the fact that they usually only last a single day! Luckily there are some smart ways that you can cut the cost of your wedding and still have a fabulous and enjoyable day, just keep reading to find out what they are.




One way you can slash the cost of your wedding is top open up to the idea of using preloved items. The thing to remember here is that anything that has been used for a wedding already will have only been in use for a day, making it almost brand new.


Combine this with the fact that many people splash out on extravagant items such as decorations, sweet trolleys, fake flowers, and post boxes and then sell them once the wedding is over to make back some money and its fantastic news for you! This is because it means there is an almost constant flow of items up for sale in online auctions, and in free newspapers that you can grab for a bargain price, allowing you to have exactly the right things you want without it costing you a fortune.


In fact, it’s also a great idea to remember that bridesmaids dresses and even your wedding dress can be purchased preloved for a fraction of the cost. Plenty of brides sell thousands of pounds worth of wedding dress for a few hundred because they find they have no room to store it. There are even second-hand stores that specialize in wedding items in which you can pick up a vintage number that will be not only perfect for your day but seriously on trend as well. All while saving money!


wedding costs


A preloved wedding dress can cost significantly less than a brand new one.




Next, if you can get the supplies that you need for your wedding preloved, then why not consider shopping with a wholesaler instead of a retailer? The advantage here is that you can get items that you need a lot of, like these tablecloths from Richard Haworth for a much more reasonable price because you are buying them directly from the supplier.


wedding costs


In fact, there are plenty of places around that specialize in the sort of things that you need for a wedding such as linens, decorations, and dried and fresh flowers. Something that means it is definitely worth investigating the savings you can make by using these instead of going to a regular shop.


Get the guests involved


Lastly, a fantastic way of saving money on you big day and a great way of making everyone feel involved in your celebration is to ask your guest to bring a homemade dish to serve at the wedding breakfast or buffet.

wedding costs



You can get them to make your favourite cake from when you were growing up, biscuits, puddings, or even quiches too. With each family only being asked to bring one thing it’s not too expensive for them, and it adds a personal touch to your wedding that will save you a pretty penny as well!


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