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How Do You Get Free Samples With No Strings Attached?


Free samples are usually associated with long surveys, tricks, scams and most of the things that people try hard to avoid. While this happens in many cases, there are actually ways to get samples without any strings attached. I am going to offer you all of the information needed to get your hands on tons of free stuff without all of the strings. The reality is that it is possible to get free samples from some companies by simply asking for them.


The first thing we are going to focus on is how to write to companies and ask them for free samples. What kind of samples are you interested in? Food products? Cosmetics? Other things? Regardless of what you want, you can write to companies and request free samples.


The second focus will be on websites that offer free samples to consumers. There are websites available that specialize in all kinds of categories, so you will have the chance to get your hands on all kinds of things. Everything mentioned here is tried and true and I offer nothing but the very best info.


Write Companies To Request Free Stuff


I know someone who sent letters to companies and asked them for free samples so he could try their products. When he told me this, I had a difficult time believing it. After seeing all of the merchandise he received, it piqued my interest. Most of the companies that he wrote letters to sent him samples and return letters filled with compliments.


This is when I decided to try it for myself. I wrote to all kinds of companies and requested samples of their products. I received a bunch of things in return.


How To Do This


Decide which companies you want to request samples from. Once you figure out what you want, locate the address of the company that manufactures it. You can typically find the company’s address in the “Contact Us” or “About Us” section of their website. Now you have to work on creating the perfect letter. Here is the format that has worked for me time and time again.


Praise – Let them know how much you like their company/ Let them know why you like the products they offer. What makes them so much better than the competition.


Personal Experience – What meaning do their offerings have to your life? Share a personal experience that involves the use of their products. Once you give them proof that you are actually a fan, they will start to send you free samples.


Trust – Let them know that you are loyal to the brand because you have no question about the quality of the items they offer.


Ask – The next step is to let them know you would love to try more of their offerings. At this point, you can request samples.




There are countless sites out there that are filled with free products that are yours for the taking. Some of them will ask you to complete surveys and forms that have a scammy angle to them. There are others that are legitimate and they will offer samples offered directly by the company. This information will help you make the distinction between the good sites and the bad ones.


WOW FreeStuff


In my opinion, this is a fantastic option. WOW FreeStuff is updated daily, so there are more samples available all the time. It shows you many ways to get samples, including heading to the company website and liking their social media pages.


While there are some links where questionnaires will be required in order to get samples, there are others that are easier to obtain. The site is a little tacky looking, but don’t let that scare you away. The main point is that they did all of the work finding samples so you don’t need to. It is not recommended that you fill out any questionnaires. This usually leads to all kinds of spam. The goal is to get samples without offering your identity in return.


Offer Oasis


This website definitely lives up to its name. You can use it to get your hands on all kinds of free samples, including magazines, food and makeup. The best thing about this site is that it is not filled with all kinds of clutter that has to be waded through before finding free samples. The site does not have the samples available directly, but it offers links and coupons from all over the Web. They even mention promotions at stores in your local area. I would recommend this site to anyone looking for samples with being bombarded by a bunch of nonsense.



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