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When you’re trying to climb the career ladder, you’re not on your own. Even though you have some people trying to help you up the ladder, you also have other people you’re competing with. While you might not want to see other people as your competition, there are only so many roles to go around in the areas that interest you. Not everyone can reach a managerial position or snag a job with that cool new startup. But if you can give yourself an edge in the job market, you have a better chance of progressing further and earning more.





Make the Right Contacts


It’s still important to know the right people in most industries, and that’s unlikely to ever change. Even if you ignore cases of nepotism or people hiring their best friend’s, cousin’s daughter, there are still many occasions when simply being acquainted with someone can help you. Knowing the right people means you can hear about a job before anyone else does, find someone to mentor you, and even get put forward for promotions. It’s not necessarily about who you’re friends with, but more to do with who is aware of you and what you’re capable of. Of course, it helps if you’re friendly with them too.



Pick Up Some Professional Qualifications


You might assume that everyone in your chosen career path takes similar routes and has similar qualifications. But you can find that there is a diverse range of experiences and educational backgrounds. Continuing your education or training is one of the things that can help you stand out at work or when looking for jobs. Professional institutions like LSBF offer qualifications specific to your industry. Even if you have a degree and postgraduate qualifications, you can still continue to learn throughout your career.


Build a Personal Brand


Have you given much thought to your personal brand? In the age of the internet, this has increasing significance. Employers can easily search for your name to discover your career history and other important facts about you. By building an online presence, you can present the image that you want people to see when they look for you. It’s not just useful when you’re looking for work. It can help you access professional opportunities like conferences or speaking gigs. You can create a website for yourself and a social media presence, not just on LinkedIn but also using sites like Twitter and YouTube.




Know Your Worth


If you want to make sure you’re taken seriously in your field, you need to know how much you’re worth. You might sometimes be wary of overvaluing yourself when others who are competing for the same roles as you could be asking for less. But being able to value your skills more accurately shows that you know the industry and that you’re confident in your abilities too. Being more confident can make you more likely to put yourself forward for things too, and to present your best self.


You can give yourself an edge in your profession by looking for ways to improve your image and experience. Start earning more when you get the recognition you deserve.

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