The Four Worst Ways To Be Frugal

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When people hear the phrase ‘frugal living’, it often makes them envision themselves buying from thrift stores and selling their hair on the internet. Luckily, the actual reality of frugal living is more reusable water bottles and bringing a packed lunch to work. Being frugal doesn’t mean that you have to be stingy, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you have to be miserable. You could live your best *rich* life, simply by ensuring that you follow some simple tips. And not the bad ones. The good ones. The ones that leave you feeling like you’re swimming in cash when you’re not – but you are! Pull up a chair; you’re not going to regret reading this one!



Bad Tip: Make Your Own Stuff

Let’s be real here; who on earth has the time to make a bunch of furniture from old wood that they find in the street? Not many people. When you have a family to see to and a job to attend, the very little time that you have left in the day is precious. You don’t want to spend time upholstering chairs when you could save your cash and buy a new one. We all want to make do and mend, but if you don’t have the time to do it, don’t feel bad. Instead, spend money on things that you love and need.

Bad Tip: Get Lots Of Credit Cards For The Benefits

We all love a good bonus pay out; there’s nothing quite like freebies and benefits and credit card companies offer these in spades. While this is helpful when you’re waiting around for a compensation claim and you’re dialling your claims attorney on repeat, this is a great way to watch your credit rating free fall. Opening tons of cards is going to impact your credit, and while you may get the bonuses, it’s a short-lived result to something that gets you long-term headaches. Instead learn to improve your score.


Bad Tips: Take Surveys and Earn $$$

The surveys that actually pay you decent money are not as popular or as many as you think. You think you’re doing well spending half an hour to make ten bucks, but instead you’ve wasted half an hour on a computer for money that may not come to you unless you unlock several levels and fight a dragon. Instead, take advantage of hidden income and side hustles that actually make sense.


Bad Tip: Sell Your Hair On eBay

Other than the obvious ‘ick’ factor of selling a body part online, it takes months and even years to grow enough hair to be interesting to someone else. You can’t just clear out your shower drain and sell what you find, either. Instead, sell your skills. If your art skills are insane, start selling your paintings on online galleries.

Bad tips can see you making bad choices when it comes to your finances. Don’t be blinded by the junk out there and go with your gut.


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