Five Family Expenses You can Slash Today

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Families often struggle with making ends meet, and if you have kids, you will face some unexpected expenses every now and then. From school trips to getting your car fixed so you can get your children to school, there are plenty of things to think about. If you would like to stay on top of your budget, the easiest way to save money is focusing on the regular expenses and reducing them one by one. Below you will find a few areas to focus on when budgeting.




When you work full time, or have weekend shifts, it is important that you have a reliable childminder. However, you don’t have to spend a huge proportion of your wages on childcare. Instead, team up with your fellow parents and take turns. Chances are that you work different shifts, and you can take turns looking after the kids. While you will still need a childminder, you can reduce the total cost by looking after other kids when you have time and letting them stay over at their friends’ when you are working.


Safety and financial protection are important for families. You are likely to be paying for your home insurance, emergency cover, and your car insurance at least. Some families also have pet insurance and payment protection. The key is not to accept the renewal quote automatically. Insurance companies raise their prices without a reason, assuming that you are too lazy to shop around. Visit insurance comparison prices and switch to a better deal every year to keep your premiums low.

Credit Cards

Using credit cards make sense when you have unexpected expenses to cover, or want to book your family holiday. However, the bills can spiral out of control, and charges soon add up. If you cannot clear the balance immediately, your monthly payments will climb up fast. When they become hard to pay, you can apply for a zero percent balance transfer, or check out  to clear your debt faster.



Booking your vacations and days out in the middle of the week is better than browsing the deals during the weekend. You should take the night out to check out voucher sites and discount sites, so you can save money on your travel. Book your holidays at least three months in advance, even if you cannot pay the full amount. Most sites allow you to pay a deposit and make regular payments each month.

Food Shopping

One of the largest regular expense of families is food and grocery shopping. You can save money  on your weekly shopping if you use vouchers from shops and enroll to a coupon or points program. Check out bulk deals on things you buy regularly, such as cereals, frozen food, and toiletries.


When families feel the squeeze they should focus on reducing their regular outgoings. Use the above tips to save money on the most important things that cost you a lot, and you will have more left for enjoying quality time together.


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