Fed Up With Feeling Fed Up? 5 Areas of Your Life to Address

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Feeling fed up where you’re stuck in a rut? When nothing ever changes, life can become incredibly mundane and you’ll know yourself that you’re not living to your best potential. Here are five areas to address if you want to make a change. 

Your job

There’s more to life than work, but when you spend forty hours of your week in the workplace, it’s going to be something that has a significant effect on the way that you feel. In reality, none of us wake up on Monday morning, full of excitement ready to get to work. But on the other hand, you shouldn’t hate or dread your job either, there should be something interesting or rewarding about it. If you’re unhappy at work, consider working towards a promotion, switching companies or even changing career completely.

Your relationship

Your romantic partner will have a significant effect on your life. When you’re happy and content with the one you love, life can feel much nicer. If you’re constantly at war and at each other’s throats then it might be a sign that it’s time to let things go. No couple gets along 100% of the time and ups and downs are normal, but know when things are on a downward trend. Don’t stay in the wrong relationship because you’re worried about being alone or jealous of the idea of them finding someone else. Give yourself the gift of letting go, move on gracefully and be happy

The way you spend your free time

Does it feel like all you ever do is work, eat, sleep, repeat? It’s a rubbish cycle to be stuck in- there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re trapped in groundhog day. Having hobbies and interests is the best way to break this cycle, think about what you enjoy doing- it could be crafting, baking, gardening, writing, whatever you like. Make an effort to spend time doing these kinds of things at least a few times a week, seeing yourself improve can be really satisfying and it’s a good way to use your brain in ways it might not have been used in a while!

Your home

Home is where the heart is, so if yours isn’t up to scratch then it can leave you feeling a little stressed. You need somewhere that you can fully relax and unwind, so make the effort to spruce up your surroundings. A coat of paint and a few decorative items can go a long way, add things like framed photos, flowers and plants to make it feel cosy and personal.

Your goals

Finally, it’s easy to feel fed up and stuck in a rut when you don’t have any plans or goals to work towards. Sit down and figure out exactly what you want from life and what steps you can take to get there. From travel goals to career to family and personal life, think about where you are now and where you’d like to be. This can help you to feel more positive and productive.

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