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Even 10 years after the huge economic meltdown of 2007-2008, the UK is still feeling the pinch. Public sector pay packets are still frozen and even though interest rates are low, inflation is pretty high. Combine this with the longest sustained period of wage repression since records began and it’s little surprise that so many families today are feeling the pinch. Even if you keep a watchful eye on the purse strings, plan and prepare your meals, avoid the temptation of pubs, restaurants and takeaways and substitute an evening at the cinema with a night of Netflix at home it’s no surprise that many of us still find ourselves on the breadline no matter how many sacrifices we make.


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If this seems achingly familiar, then maybe it’s not so much an issue of cutting back on life’s luxuries but finding ways to drive down the cost of the essentials. Shopping smarter is a great place to start, but here we’ll look at how we can take some of the sting out of your motoring costs. There was a time when owning a car was a status symbol and a luxury but in the 21st century climate for most of us it’s a necessity. But even though we’re reliant on our vehicles, that’s not to say that we can’t make substantial savings on…




Insurance companies are not our friends. They want to take as much of our money as they can while doing as little as possible. We don’t think that’s acceptable. Although there’s been something of a clamp down on ripoff insurance renewals in recent years, we implore you to to let your policy renew without checking out cheapautoinsurance.co.uk to see how much you could save. In fact, you don’t even have to stick out your policy for the full year if you see a much better offer. While many companies will charge a cancellation fee this could pale in comparison to how much you could save with a different policy (and you may even get superior cover, too!).




As we use up more and more of our natural resources, the price of fuel is only going to keep climbing. But not everyone can just go out and buy and electric or hybrid car so let’s see what we can do with what we have. A small fortune can be saved by keeping a watchful eye on petrol prices in your area. While most newer cars have an ECO mode to help conserve petrol as you drive, a few simple changes to your driving style can often make a big difference. Even changing your speed can make a big difference. For example, driving at 80mph on the motorway can use up to 25% more fuel than keeping it to 70mph.




Servicing your vehicle every 10,000 miles or 12 months (whichever comes first) can help to ensure that it stays running optimally and potentially save you a fortune on repairs. But don’t let your garage charge you over the odds for unnecessary extras. At every 10,000 miles all your vehicle needs is an oil change, at every 20,000 miles oil change and pollen filter, at 30,000 oil again, at 40,000 oil and pollen filter and spark plugs for petrol cars and fuel filters for diesel cars.

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