Contacting the DVLA

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There are many different government agencies and UK departments you may need to contact for a variety of reasons. This can leave you feeling a bit nervous and unsure, as you may not know the best way to contact the people you need to speak to. In this blog post, we will shed further light on getting in touch with the DVLA, including reasons why you may need to do so, as well as the best way to contact this organisation.

The DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) is an agency that was set up to maintain registers of drivers and vehicles in the United Kingdom in order to limit vehicle tax evasion, support environmental initiatives, reduce vehicle related crime and improve road safety. There are many different reasons why people may need to get in touch with the DVLA, from transferring a vehicle registration number, to replacing a lost driving licence, to getting vehicle tax.

Generally the DVLA can help with anything relating to vehicle and tax registration, the driver check service, driving and medical issues, driving licences and complaints. You can also get in touch if you have purchased a private plate and you need to change your records regarding this. You should also call if you have any queries regarding your road tax. If you want information about the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence, MOTs and driving tests you need to contact the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

If you head to the official government website for the DVLA and navigate to the contact page you will be required to choose from eight options your reason for wanting to get in touch with the organisation. You will then be presented with contact details, typically including a telephone number, email address and physical address. A lot of the phone numbers provided are only available for limited hours during the week, while we certainly do not advise getting in touch via email or letter, unless you are happy to wait for a few days or longer for a reply. The problem with the written word is that it can often be misinterpreted, and customer service advisors have a tendency to be quite vague when they are communicating with customers via email or letter. This can be frustrating, as you will then need to get back in touch with the company again and await another reply.

Finally, if you do simply want to acquire some information from your driving licence, you can do so via the government website, with this service replacing the paper counterpart of your licence. You will be able to create a licence check code if you need to share your driving licence with someone else, such as a car rental company or an employer, and you can view your driving record, for instance disqualifications, penalty points and the vehicles you can drive.

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