A Gift That Never Fails – Diamond Stud Earrings

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There is no piece of jewellery that is more versatile than a pair of diamond stud earrings. They can add the perfect finishing touch to formal attire or they can be used to bring some sparkle to your casual wear. A woman’s jewellery box is simply incomplete without them. This shows why it is important to purchase your pair of stud earrings with care. Read on to find out all you need to know before you start searching online or in the stores…


What should you consider when buying diamond stud earrings?

• Size – The size of the diamond will generally be determined based on personal preference. However, you will want to consider whether a small or large diamond is better suited to your face. Moreover, if you like to wear your hair down you will probably prefer larger diamonds to show them off more.

• Gift options – If you are buying diamond earring for someone else, you will want something that comes in one of the beautiful custom gift boxes. This creates excitement for what is inside.
• Custom made – You may want to consider going down this route. The reason why custom jewellery is deemed the best option to go for is that the earrings will be unique to you. This is particularly significant when you take into account how popular diamond stud earrings are.
• Quality – The best way to benefit from the highest level of quality when shopping is to find a reputable company selling jewellery. Look for experience and make sure all of their diamonds come with the proper GIA certification.
• Price – It is no secret that diamonds can be expensive. Set yourself a budget before you begin shopping to make sure you don’t end up spending too much.

What are the different styles of diamond stud earrings?

• Prong setting – Most diamond stud earrings will be found in a prong setting. This is an extremely secure setting and ensures your diamonds do not fall out of the metal. You can get a variation of different prong settings, such as six prongs, three prongs, and four prongs.
• Pave setting – The other common type of diamond stud earring is the pave setting. This is where the stones are literally set as close as they can be. This is a classic setting and is ideal for those who want to move away from the traditional use of one diamond per earring.

What are the latest trends in diamond stud earrings?

• Heart shaped diamond stud earrings – Heart shaped diamonds are coming back into fashion. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching there is no better gift to purchase for your loved one.
• Coloured diamond stud earrings – Colourless diamond stud earrings have been the most desirable for many years now. However, this year is the time to let your personality shine through with coloured diamonds.
• Round diamond stud earrings – If you are unsure regarding what style of diamond earrings to go for you cannot fail with a round pair. They suit all people and all outfits!

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