5 Ways to Humanize Your Business

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Human beings are social, and most of the time, when they interact with a business, they will prefer human-to-human interaction. Providing names and faces instead of a cold, faceless corporate environment using one monotone is critical in a business and goes beyond making money. One of the most effective ways of establishing trust and loyalty within your consumers is to engage them. This way, they relate more with the business and also creates familiarity, rather than predictability.

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The following are effective ways of humanizing your business.

  1. Make use of social media and influencers

You and your employees can’t be everywhere at once, but with the increasing use of social media, influencers who have thousands of followers can promote your business. Influencers post your products on their pages and tell stories about your business. With their large following from all over the globe, potential consumers will relate with your business the same way they relate with the influencer.

  1. Show customers your playful side

Humor is an effective way of engaging with your customers, but you have to ensure it is relevant to your business. You can use funny memes on your online platforms or work with an animation studio to generate animation videos that tell stories about your business. If your target group is children, animations will come in handy.

Using funny videos on your social media platforms will lead to social laughter among your consumers and establish bonds. Showing off a playful side shows that you’re human and can put aside the seriousness of selling products.  

  1. Show off your employees and share their stories

Employees are the backbone of your business. Therefore, apart from putting out your logo, sharing employees’ photos, and having them share their stories humanizes your brand. You can have a weekly or monthly segment where you post pictures of different employees and say something about them. During events or team-buildings, post photos of these activities.

  1. Respond to customers’ feedback

On your social media platforms or business websites, always check for feedback, comments, or questions from consumers. Ensure there is someone who can give a response at all times instead of a robot. Other consumers will tend to call in whenever they have a query; ensure there is someone at the customer service to attend to them. This way, you establish trust because customers can rely on you.

  1. Share consumer-generated content

Apart from responding to customers, allow them to share stories, and give reviews on your business products or services. Share these on your website and social posts to create a human side to your business. Potential consumers will be more attracted to your business when they see other people’s stories on your platforms. It is also an excellent way for them to understand your business without conducting a lot of research.

Bottom Line

Humanizing your business will make communication with your customers easier. Your customers will be confident that they can get clarification about your products or services quickly. You can humanize your business by having a response team that takes consumers’ calls and respond to their feedback. Share content from consumers, photos, and stories of employees, give your business a playful side, use social media pages and influencers.

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