Why You Should Do An Apprenticeship

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If you are unsure on what to do with your life in your late teens and early twenties, you are not the only one. Throughout our school years we are to,d that we have to pass our exams and go to university to get a good career, and if this doesn’t pan out the way we planned we are stuck not knowing what to do.




Before you give up and work in a ship for a while, think about taking on an apprenticeship. There are so many apprentice success stories out there from people who never went to college or university, and you can really make a big difference to your life by choosing this as your method of study. Here are the top reasons why you should do an apprenticeship this year.


Make money while learning


The biggest and most obvious advantage of working on an apprenticeship for a year or two is the fact that you get paid to study. Sure, the way won’t be amazing, but it will be more than you could earn in a part time job through university, and your work is your study so when you get home you’ll have more time to yourself.


Gain experience


We’ve all heard the phrase, you need experience to get a job but you need a job to get experience. It can be an endless cycle which we fight through when looking for a job after school or university, and it can make things really difficult for us to succeed in life. To avoid having to worry about this at all, you can work in your chosen field as you study for it and gain experience along the way. Practical experience is always better because you will be able to solve practical issues on the go and learn from your mistakes through your course. By the time you are qualified you will be experienced and you will know what you are doing.




By working with a company from the moment you start studying, you are immediately exposed to the industry and therefore you will be able to network with professionals from day one. When you finish your qualification and start to look for a job this can be a huge help because you will have people who already know you and know that you are good at the job. You are much more likely to find a great job and move up in the industry this way.


You’ll have support


Throughout your apprenticeship you will always have people there to guide you and give you good advice. It is different to university because you aren’t on your own and having to teach the subject to yourself. When doing an apprenticeship you are faced with professionals in the field who will become your mentors and they will teach you the job both practically and through theory. This makes life much easier and will allow you to really prosper in your job role in the future, and you will likely get an offer of work when you are done!

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