Why You Probably Have More Money Than You Realise

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Ah, money. We love it sometimes and hate it at others, but we can never stop thinking about it. It makes the world go around; we don’t have a choice. For most people, the battle isn’t figuring out what to do with all their cash — it’s trying to save the money that they do have, which never seems to be enough. If you often find yourself in that boat, however, it’s worth thinking whether you have any untapped resources that would ease your financial situation. Many people do. Below, we take a look at four ways you can top up the funds in your bank account.

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In the Cupboards

You’d have to be pretty lucky to find a forgotten stack of cash in your cupboards. Yet actually, your cupboards probably are valuable. A recent study found that the average UK home has around one thousand pounds worth of unused goods, just sitting there, gathering dust. So before you begin looking elsewhere for more money, take a look inside the cupboards at home, pick out any valuable items you’re not using, and start selling them. You won’t get a life-changing sum, but it’ll make a difference.

Money That’s Owed

We live in a system that protects people and gives them financial compensation when it’s deserved. If you’ve been involved in an incident on the roads, at work, or on private property, then you could be entitled to compensation for any injuries that you sustained. There are solicitors who can help you with your claim from the first step to the last. Some people think that they can only claim money if it was a serious incident, but this isn’t the case — even minor injuries can be eligible for compensation if it was someone else’s fault. It’s money that you’re legally entitled to, but you’ll need to take some steps to make it come your way.

Extra Space

Many people are asset rich, cash poor. If you own a house, then you certainly fall into this category. You’d be a rich person if all your money weren’t tied up in your property. If this is the case, then why not look at putting your property to work? There are two ways you can do this. The easiest way is to rent out a room in your house. Yes, you’ll need to live with another person, but the money they’ll pay you can really help — plus, you get to choose who you invite into your home. Alternatively, you can rent out your driveway — someone paying to park their vehicle on your property? Sign us up. This only works if you live in a place where parking is difficult, however.

Your Talent

Finally, let’s think about your biggest money maker: you! If it’s been some time since you received a raise, then why not ask for one? Many bosses are receptive to this idea if they’re asked. They can only say no, at which point you may begin to look for other work elsewhere.

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