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With the majority of employed people working from home and unemployment rising during this past year, many people are looking at alternative ways to earn money. If you are struggling to know what your next money-making business could be then take a look at our suggestions below. 


Being one of the first business models to grace the internet, blogging has become increasingly popular over the years. Blogs consist of people writing about their lives, hobbies and giving advice. Popular blog topics are beauty, fitness, finance or lifestyle. There are many more to choose from, ensure you select one that interests you and will keep people coming back to your site. Create a blog through platforms such as Wix or WordPress, make sure they are easy to navigate and not full of ads. Do some research on how to get your website seen as having a good knowledge of keywords, digital marketing and search engine ranking will help boost your blog.

Youtuber / Vlogger

Youtubing and Vlogging have become increasingly popular in the last few years. If successful, you could be earning on average, £1,750 per one million views. Make some videos of things that interest you and find your style of vlogging. Take a look at the top-ranking YouTubers and see what they do. Once you start to get consistent views and subscribers to your page, you might get approached by brand ambassadors looking for you to advertise their products for money. Although this might be tempting make sure you do your research on the company and it is relevant to your page, you don’t want to be advertising the Personal Care Industry if you are vlogging about food. 

Homemade Crafts

If you are a creative person who likes to make things and get crafty, then you should consider selling them. People love buying handmade products from independent suppliers. Find your niche and see what you can do differently from other competitors. Think about what you are good at whether it’s making soaps, crafting woodwork or sewing, there are many possibilities for you to explore. Start by selling your handmade bits on platforms such as Etsy or Not on the high street and when you get enough business, build your own online shop, Shopify or Wix are good platforms to use. Ensure that you are up to date with rules and regulations when selling your items. When Lockdown is over, look into setting up stools at local craft fairs, here you can advertise your online presence.

Virtual Assistant

If you have secretary skills, why not put them to good use by offering your services to online business. With many companies running their business from their employees’ homes, they might need some added support. Contact business that you think could benefit from having a virtual assistant. Working freelance and building up a rapport with businesses can open you up to lots of possibilities, including starting to outsource or employ other virtual assistants to help with the workload.

We hope you have found these ideas useful and they inspire you to start your own business adventure. Check out, LEGAL TIPS THAT WILL HELP YOU TO START YOUR VERY OWN BUSINESS.

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