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If you are about to start a content marketing campaign, you need to know the current trends in marketing to stimulate engagement, interaction and online growth. While text-based content is always going to be a crucial part of marketing, visual content is vital. It needs to play a pivotal role in your campaigns to keep you current and relevant in a digital era.  

Think about this: 65% of us consider ourselves to be visual learners. 90% of the information that comes through to our brain is visual. Presentations with visual elements are 43% more persuasive. With figures like this, it makes sense to engage with and use materials that people are more likely to resonate with.

 Here, we look at just some of the visual content types that your business should be using in your marketing campaign.

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Content without imagery is very dull indeed, and the vast majority of people will struggle to read swathes of textual content without it being broken up by pictures. In fact, it is thought that articles with images get 94% more views than those without. 

Images should be the very best quality that you can get. Low res, blurred, poor quality pictures can sometimes be more offputting than no image at all. Where possible, the images that you use should be your own, but if you are not a natural photographer, either hire one or if that is out of your budget, use royalty-free images. Websites such as Unsplash and Pixabay are excellent for downloading free photos without fear of being hit by a copyright lawsuit.  

Never lift a picture straight from the web without seeking permission from the owner.


Videos are immensely beneficial when posing common issues and then demonstrating the solutions that your company can bring. Although there are a lot more affordable types of visual content available, a great video serves as an extra boost to your campaign by showing that you’re willing to walk the extra mile for excellence. Studies have shown that a video on a landing page increased conversions by almost 90%, so it is something that your business cannot afford to miss out on. After all, things like animated explainer videos are easy to digest.

There are several types of videos that can boost your business, such as how-to tutorials, animated explainer videos, demonstrations or customer testimonials. Whatever you pick, the videos must be consistent with your brand’s overall style and ideology.


If you are trying to present customers or visitors to your website with some complex data and statistics, one of the best ways to keep them engaged with it is to collate them into something compelling, visual and easy to digest, and an infographic is a superb tool for doing this.

Alongside other promotional endeavours, infographics can be an integral part of your content marketing strategy and can be easy to share on social media.

If your business is not utilizing at least one of these forms of visual content, you need to look at how you can incorporate them into your marketing campaign as soon as possible, 

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