Struggling To Manage Your Time From Home?

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Working from home is definitely a blessing and a curse. Working from home allows you to manage your own time, work your own hours, enjoy your own life. But what you also need to remember is that it’s going to be hard to manage your time. If you’re self employed, managing your time is vital if you want to make enough money to live a good lifestyle. Making enough money to live a good lifestyle is hard when you’re self employed however! So you see, it’s one big vicious cycle that just doesn’t seem to end. But we’re going to try and stop some of it for you. We’ve got a few ways that you can manage your time better from home, and hopefully get more money out of it.


time at work


Give Yourself Time


This is the main thing that you need to do. Just because you work from home, it doesn’t meant that you don’t need to get up and get the day started, just like you would if you worked in an office. If you work from home, getting up and starting the day is even more important. You really do need to find some time management tips, and make use of them during your day. So set your alarm for 9am, that’s till a nice lie in! Have your breakfast and be changed by 10am. Then start your work, taking 5 minute breaks every hour to walk around. Trust us, it does help to keep you more motivated! You could make use of your phone, and use the apps that are on there that will set you daily reminders to help you stay on task. Whatever you do, don’t make plans during the day until your working day is over. You’ll end up juggling too much, and work often gets put last.


Think Of The End Goal


The end goal should always be on your mind. The end goal is usually money, and bringing in as much work as possible. If you keep that goal in mind, you should always manage your time much better. Think of it as a sort of drive to better yourself, and definitely a drive to get more money. More money can then lead to better plans. You might really want to go on a holiday, or even something so simple as being able to treat yourself to a takeaway at the end of the week.


Don’t Overload


This really is the last thing that you want to do. If you’re overloading yourself, your brain is literally going to shut down at some point, and you just won’t be able to carry on working. A combination of lack of sleep, too much concentration, and too much of doing the same thing over and over will lead you to a burnout, whether you like it or not! Stick to an amount of work that you know you can do, then slowly start to work it up until you feel ready to take on more and more.

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