Reselling As A Side Hustle

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Many people are realising the potential of becoming a reseller as a lucrative side hustle. Often a reselling business starts following a successful bout of selling unwanted clutter from their own homes. A tidy sum in the bank then encourages the person to search for other items to sell at a profit. Once you have reached this point, you’ve caught the reselling bug and there’s no stopping you!




Often the best ideas stem from when we are creatively trying to overcome some kind of hardship. Reselling businesses often stem from the need to make extra money in order to meet financial commitments, pay for holidays or just the buzz of watching your items sell at auction!


If you have found yourself relying on credit cards to fund day to day expenses you may be better off by applying for a so that you can manage all your payments from one place.


There will come point when you have sold everything you want to sell at home. You will then need to source your stock from elsewhere.


Car boot sales

Car boot sales are excellent sources for replenishing your stock. You will be able to find stock at next to nothing prices if you’re prepared to get there early and haggle. Try to have a niche in mind, otherwise you will be aimlessly looking at everything you see. If gaming is your “thing” you could head straight to stalls selling gaming items, likewise for toys and clothes.


Try to avoid “professional” carbooters and tradespeople, as the prices will be higher. The best stalls are those which are run by families looking to make a bit of money by decluttering.


Rummage through bags and piles of items, you never know what treasure you may find!


Charity shops

Charity shops tend to be a little more expensive than car boot sales, but have the benefit of being open year round. Try to find out which days of the week the charity shop puts out new stock as this is when the best bargains will be found. Get there early as there are a fair few resellers about!


Gumtree and facebook

Gumtree is an online site that allows people to list there items for sale. You pick up the items from the seller and pay direct. It’s useful as you can buy from people in your local area or further afield and you can search for your wanted items.


Facebook has allowed many local selling sites to be set up. Join as many selling sites as you can in your locality. Sellers photograph their items and stipulate a selling price, as a buyer you simply say you want it and pick it up. Regarding prices, sellers may be prepared to sell their items for less or at the nearest offer to asking price (ono).



You will probably use ebay as an auction site to sell your items, it’s also a fantastic place to buy items with the intention to resell. Often selIers bundle items together, as it’s so time consuming selling them individually. You could buy the bundle and list separately at a profit. Badly photographed and misspelt items don’t attract many buyers meaning that you can pick up items at a bargain price.


Good luck in your new venture!   

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