Reasons to Exhibit at a Trade Show

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Trade shows have been a staple for businesses of all variety for many years. But in the age of the internet, you may be wondering whether they are still relevant. Well, we are going to present a case in favour of trade shows right here and now by talking you through some of the main reasons why companies exhibit at them.



Of course, if you are going to do this, you need to make sure that you do it properly to maximise your opportunity. So, you may want to get in touch with some exhibition stand builders to get yourself set up properly. Now, let’s talk through the main reasons why you should consider exhibiting at a trade show yourself.


Showcase Products and Services


The chief and most obvious reason why you would want to exhibit at a trade show is to showcase your products and services. Nothing is better than a direct demonstration of what your product does or a first-hand description of your services. Obviously, you need to make sure that you choose the right type of trade show to ensure that you get in front of your customer base. Try to speak to as many people as you can as you want to generate plenty of leads.


Expand Your Customer Base


Following on from the previous point, the whole idea of exhibiting at a trade show is that you expand your customer base and generate some quality leads. And while the impression that you make at the show itself is important, you also need to make sure that you follow-up effectively too. There is no point putting in all that hard work if the potential clients are simply going to forget about you. You should also think about the materials which you can distribute out to attendees of the show as an extra way of leaving a lasting impression in their minds.


Scout Out the Competition


Though it may not be your primary reason for attending, going along to a trade show presents you with the ideal opportunity to scout out the competition. You can see their latest product range, as well as how they are marketing themselves. A central part of the business world is making sure that you stay one step ahead of them at all times. Of course, you don’t want to simply copy what they are doing, but it can help to inform your strategy a little better simply by keeping up with what they are doing.


Improve Your Distributor Network


Not everyone at the trade show is going to be in direct competition with you. In fact, you may be able to find companies which will help you in your business aims. You have a unique opportunity to check out a lot of suppliers and distributors in a single location. Even if you don’t commit to anything straight away, it is always nice to find out what your options are as you never know when you may need a new business partner in the future.


Meet with Remote Customers



We have already mentioned just how much business is done online these days. And while this obviously has many advantages, one of the major drawbacks is that you simply don’t get the chance of making a face to face connection. But a trade show may well present you with the ideal opportunity to meet some of your remote customers. This is especially the case if you pick a larger event where people from around the globe come to meet and interact with one another.


Show Your Presence in Your Industry


The simple act of showing your face at a trade show can help to confirm your presence as a major industry player amongst both customers and competitors alike. And succeeding in the modern world of business is all about establishing a strong and trustworthy brand which you can promote. So, your mere presence alone at a trade show event can help to further your business aims now and in the future.


Obtain Direct Feedback


Feedback is something which can be quite difficult to obtain in the world of business – especially when you are generally operating in an online capacity. At a trade show, you have the perfect opportunity to get some first-hand opinions. You could present attendees with a short survey to find out what they think about your business. Otherwise, you could simply ask people what they think about various aspects of your company based on their first impressions. You never know how these different perspectives could end up benefitting your business now and in the future.


Recruit New Employees


Another possibility when you are exhibiting at trade shows is the opportunity to recruit some new employees for your business. If you are attending an industry-specific event, it is likely that some of the people there are on the hunt for a new employer. Again, this reinforces just how important it is that you speak to as many people as possible while you are there. This way, you can determine the motivations behind why they are there in the first place, and how your company can benefit from their involvement.


As you can see, there are a whole host of reasons why a trade show can be beneficial to your business. It all depends on what your main objectives are. Obviously, you need to go in with a clear idea of what you want to get out of the event. Afterward, you should review how successful you have been and whether there are some improvements that you can make in the future. The more you attend, the more likely it is that you will be able to enjoy the type of success that you are looking for. You also need to make sure that you choose events where the right sort of people are going to be in attendance to make it all worthwhile.


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