When Opportunity Knocks: Heading Overseas To Raise Your Career Game

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If you have the opportunity to live and work abroad, congratulations; it’s something that many people dream of doing, but rarely will they get the chance. Perhaps you’re heading over for a work placement within your current company, or you’ve secured a new job somewhere that you’ve always wanted to live, and are packing up your life for the foreseeable future. Whatever the reason is behind getting on the plane to live somewhere new, you’re going to be upping that career game, which will hopefully lead to a happy and successful future. It’s worth doing as much research as you can beforehand so that you can settle in successfully.


There are several things to consider before you leave; the more you can set-up for yourself over there, the more you’ll feel happy, safe, and secure in your new environment when you arrive, and the better your new job will go. It’s time to write some lists; you need to consider your new environment and what that will entail, as this will help you to decide what to put in your suitcase, and what to ship over before you leave, or at a later date. Keep focusing on preparation and planning up until you set foot on the plane. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for those about to embark on a career adventure, and want to move overseas as smoothly and as positively as possible for a great start in their new job abroad.


Finding Your New Work/Life Balance


It will never feel exactly like home or where you’ve just come from; however, your new abode can come pretty close. Therefore, it’s crucial that you sort out your accommodation before anything else, assuming that your job overseas is already secure. You might need legal help and advice regarding your visa, real estate, and a variety of other issues surrounding your big move, so it’s worth getting plenty of information before you leave, and contacting your chosen legal help as soon as you arrive. There will always be a few bumps along the way; however, you’ll be able to reduce them significantly if you ensure that you’re doing everything by the book and legally in the country, you’re moving to.


When you find a house, or a flat for rent, and choosing where to live; you’ll need to consider how you’ll be able to commute to and from work every day. You may or may not want to live in the city centre, right next to the building where you’ll be going to work, which is understandable if you want more of a work/life balance. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure that your house or apartment is close to public transport so that your daily commute is straightforward. Look at the surrounding area to your potential new accommodation; you’ll want to be near amenities, like supermarkets, cafes, and areas of entertainment so that you can enjoy your new lifestyle as much as possible. The more you get out and about in your free time, the more you’ll get to know a place, and you’ll settle in in no time.


Making New Contacts And Friends


Whether you’re moving with a partner, or your family, or going solo; you’ll need a support system when you arrive as relocating overseas can be overwhelming and intimidating. Therefore, it’s worth making contact with as many people as possible before you leave. There will be expat sites full of advice and those who reside in the place you’re moving to, so make contact and strike up a friendship. If you’re working in a company or corporation over there; take a look at the other employees online. Arrange to meet up with those you’ve been chatting to, during your first week; they can help to point you in the right direction of the best supermarkets and entertainment spots so that you can start enjoying yourself straight away.


Be proactive when it comes to arranging after-work drinks or a meal out together, and invite people around to your home for a catch-up over the weekends and in your free time. You’ll need to work just as hard on relationships and settling in outside of your career environment, as you do when you arrive at work every day. Be brave with your approach; the worst that can happen is that people can’t make a specific date or time, that’s fine; arrange another one as soon as you’re able. It’s worth putting in the extra effort so that your life outside of work will enrich and support your blossoming career, and you’ll have a bright future ahead.


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