Needing to Make Quick Cash?

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We all need access to extra cash at times and unfortunately it tends to be these times that the bank turns people down for extending their credit facility.  Indeed, if you need to get your hands on some cash but prefer not go down the sub-prime finance route of payday loans, pawnshops and logbook loans; here are some tips that can help you make some quick cash.


Of course, the best way to secure your financial future is to set up a sustainable business like AM 18 Consultancy as prevention is often better than cure in such matters and the best remedy to financial problems is to set up a stable business that can provide for you and your family for many years to come.



There are tons of market research companies, both online and offline, that require you to simply provide your opinion on a variety of products and services.  The work itself doesn’t pay much, but it can be practically instant and requires no track record, skills, experience, or protracted interview and onboarding process.  


Another option in a similar vein to this are survey sites; the work itself is limited mostly to filling in a few questionnaires and occasionally offering verbal feedback.



The idea of becoming a medical research participant (aka human guinea pig) where drug testing companies will provide a sample of its medication, or placebo, and then perform certain medical tests; all of which are heavily regulated and monitored to ensure safety, but could cause some discomfort and do have inherent risk – but the money’s substantial.  


You could be paid upwards of £2,500 for a reasonably involved, residential experience, that for many is as having your own room where you can spend your time relaxing or, if you felt so inclined, you could even use this time to write a book!  The point is, this can offer a legal way to make a significant amount of money for not much effort at all… perhaps just a little discomfort; hence the high payout.



You might be surprised by just how much some of your stuff is worth, particularly if you happen to have any collectibles lying around.  Another thing you can do is to look in the free adverts section, upcycle, and promote items on eBay or even, with a little creative flair, you could create an Etsy store.  


The same is true for going around car boot sales or jumble sales and buying things cheap, doing them up or simply marketing them well, and selling for a profit.


Try to think outside the box in terms of what are the growing trends and you can make a fortune.  A further suggestion, with regard to selling stuff on eBay, is to purchase things that on ebay itself that haven’t been marketed very well, and simply list them with a much more captivating description along with some great photos and keywords.


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