We live in a world in which wealth is seen as a success. People are encouraged to follow career paths down which they stand to make the most money. Often, people give up on dreams because they won’t get rich following them.


Money is, ultimately, the primary drive. You can see that anytime someone asks what you do for a living. If you’re in a high paying job, like law, you get nods of approval and respect. If, however, you’re an artist, the conversation moves on pretty fast.

But, some people don’t succumb to this pressure. For those individuals, happiness is more important than money. And, they do say money can’t buy you happiness. In many ways, society wouldn’t function without those willing to take less pay to do a job they love.


That’s especially true when it comes to care jobs and teaching. The good news is, there are always vacancies in these areas. People jump ship to higher paying options all the time.Teachers are in especially high demand, and companies like Simply Education can show you the many options available. Equally, you only have to look in your local newspaper to see how many care assistants are needed.



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But, why would anyone choose a career that won’t make them rich? There are many reasons, and they’re not all to do with following dreams. Careers such as the ones mentioned above are some of the most satisfying. They are sure ways to make a difference to others. And, one thing stronger than the need for wealth, is the need to help.


Of course, caring style jobs aren’t the only ones in which people don’t make massive amounts of money. Artists and writers also work for less. But, the desire to help others is also a factor there. They want to share their art so that they can make a difference to someone.

The good news is, it’s possible to survive on the salary from these jobs. Of course it is; people do it all the time. But, it’s important to realise early on that you’re not going to be rolling in cash.


Instead, you’ll need to gain financial control of your life. If you don’t, you’ll soon start to struggle.In truth, if you get a good grip on your finances, you’ll feel as well off as many of those earning a lot more than you.

It’s important to live within your means. This is relevant for anyone, but it’s especially important for low earners. Take the time to gain a realistic idea of how much you earn, and plan your life around that. Don’t push your budget by getting a house that’s above your budget. And, don’t splash the cash on large luxury items, like cars, which you can’t afford.


We all have to make allowances to survive. Consider what you’re willing to change, and take steps to achieve the goal. You’ll soon find that a low earning job is worth doing, as long as you do it right.




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