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Stop wasting your life wishing you had more money, get out there and do something about it! Ok, that first line might have been a bit harsh, but the truth sometimes does hurt. So many people reading this will think on a daily basis that they wished they had more money. But life is just sometimes so hard to afford. Even when living with your parents, no bills to pay, maybe a little bit of board and a car to run, life would still be pretty much impossible. It feels as though you reach a certain age then boom… all money ceases to exist in your life. That was a bit dramatic as well, but you know what we’re getting at. There’s little money left over to actually enjoy some luxuries in life without think ‘should I really be spending that’. Well, we say enough is enough. If you’re looking for more money, you need to turn to your career and look for a change. We’ve got just the perfect careers for you as well so have a read on to find out more.




Self Employed


Being self employed is one of the most liberating things in the world. Oh to dream of actually being your own boss, working your own hours, and most likely doing something that you really have a passion for. Well that’s the thing, you actually need to have a passion for something to actually be able to do it. So first you need to think about that. Do you have a passion for writing? Do you have a love for blogging perhaps? Or do you love making things such as arts and crafts? All of them are really viable options that will allow you to work from home whilst making lots of money. If the blogging idea caught your eye, we’re happy to say that it is easy enough to make a fortune from blogging. All you need to do is make the right moves, meet the right people, and gain a really good following and you’re away. It’s easy enough to do it around your normal career as well until things got really serious. As long as you’re blogging authentic content, and interacting with other bloggers both on social media, and perhaps at blogger events, big companies will start to contact you. It’s these collaborations that will allow you to get paid. If companies don’t contact you, you can always contact them first and make the right move. As for something like writing, you would have to build up a portfolio of work to show before you gained different jobs. There are plenty of different websites on the internet designed for freelance copywriters look for work, so you should hopefully never fall short. For all of the above, you do need to make sure you’re registering yourself as self employed. If not and you don’t pay taxes, you best believe the taxman will come looking for you. It’s so important that you keep accurate records of your income for this.




Law is a really exciting career to get into. The buzz of the industry, and the reward you’d gain from helping people is totally worth it. But don’t get us wrong, it is a really demanding and stressful job. Your client is relying on your to deliver the goods and either get them compensation or justice, or depend them against a claim from another person. This can often lead to aggression if the outcome isn’t as they desired. But as long as you’re strong minded and willing to deal with situations like this, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be giving a career like this a go. There’s plenty of companies that would be willing to hire you, such as Slater Heelis. There’s some interesting areas for you to go into. You could be choosing family law, DUI’s, personal injury, corporate law, real estate law, the list could go on. If you get a good enough reputation for yourself, you could even venture into the world of the celebrities. They’re always up to no good, so you should always have a case that you would need dealing with. If you’re looking to earn the mega bucks, law is definitely one of the paths you should consider taking, no matter how long it would take you to get there.


Overseas Work


Part of the reason why you might feel as though you have no money is due to the country you’re living in, and the economy that it might have. There are some countries that seem to be making it near enough impossible to live in, with the cost of living constantly being on the rise. For example, the UK is a pretty tough country to live in. You’re either going to be struggling to find a job, have a job that doesn’t pay enough to allow you to live a good lifestyle, or you’re really lucky and have a job that pays big bucks. So, why not consider the bright lights of another country. We aren’t suggesting you go repping in Ayia Napa for a few months, we’re talking about applying for a job you’re already skilled in, in a country that’s going to pay you more and allow you to live a better lifestyle. Yes, it’s a hell of a move, and it does carry risks, but is it not worth it if you’re able to live a better life, and more importantly have more money? There would be a lot to sort in terms of emigrating, and it would most likely be a bit stressful, especially if you’re having to move with family. But there are plenty of people about that can help with everything. From getting you accustomed to your new life, to helping you move all of your belongings potentially thousands of miles for a new start. If this sounds like an inviting offer to you, we highly recommend you head to Australia, you wouldn’t regret it!


So there we go, just a couple of career choices for you to ponder on. There’s always more money out there to be made, you just need to go out and get it!


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