Introduction To IVR Software

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IVR software offers businesses a vast scope of advantages. Are you confident that your business is running to optimum levels of efficiency? Are you providing customers with the highest level of service? Without an IVR solution, it can be unlikely. Customers will find it much more difficult to acquire the information or assistance they need. Waiting queues can be extremely lengthy as well. 

As a customer, there is nothing worse than being on hold for hours when you merely want to make a general enquiry or perform a simple function. Without an IVR application from a software company in place, you are also likely to be spending more money than necessary, as you will require customer service agents who answer the calls and then direct them to the right advisor. IVR is feature that can do wonders for your business’ call centre, so keep on reading to discover more about it…

What is IVR software? IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. It is a type of technology that essentially allows customers to contact with a computer over the telephone. This is something you are probably familiar with, however, you may not have realized that it is entitled IVR. Have you ever called a customer service line to be greeted with an automated voice? Typically the scenario follows the lines of ‘thank you for calling *company*’. You will then be asked to press 1 for support, press 2 for billing and account queries, press 3 for sales and so on and so forth. You will then be directed to the necessary assistant or sometimes you can solve your issue without needing an agent at all. This is a contact centre feature all companies can benefit from, irrespective of what industry they operate in or the size of their business. In fact, for large companies Interactive Voice Response software is somewhat of a necessity. 

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the advantages your business will reap if it opts for call centre solutions with IVR. Customer service efficiency will be enhanced significantly. You are more likely to meet the specific needs of your consumers and you will do this at a much quicker pace as well. First contact resolution is also enhanced, since callers are always directed to the person that is most capable of assisting them. You can expect a reduction in your operational costs, as you will no longer need to hire customer service agents or receptionists to deal with this aspect of your company. 

IVR systems are typically very affordable. This feature will also enhance your brand image and ensure your company appears professional. You can make certain your customers are always greeted in a welcoming and professional manner. Finally, you can also prioritize calls based on value, which ensures you never lose a high value customer due to slow answer time.

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