How To Stay Healthy When Working From Home

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Working from home can be a challenge, especially if you’ve never done it before. There can be a lot of pressure to do well and to also work all hours of the day. However, that isn’t going to be healthy for you, so here are a few ways to stay healthy when working from home.

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Be Strict With Breaks

Breaks give you the opportunity to rest your eyes and to get up out of your chair. If your work involves mainly sitting in front of a computer, it’s good to give yourself a break every hour for just five or ten minutes. This period of time can give you the time you need to help reset your brain and to get you back into that focused mindset. If it helps, you might want to set an alarm so that you are reminded of when you need to take some time out. If you’re in the middle of something where you’re focused, work for another ten minutes and then round it off to a point that you can easily get back to once you return. Taking breaks is essential to keeping yourself healthy, so be strict with breaks.

Create A Comfortable Workstation

A comfortable workstation is very important when you work from home because you might not get the same luxuries that you would do when working for a company. Things like a display screen equipment workstation risk assessment or a look at your workstation to improve the comfortability of your seat or where you look at the screen. They are really things that you might not focus on when you’re working from home, but they are just as important when it comes to looking after your health.

Schedule In Your Free Time

We all need time off or a break from work. That’s why many people have weekends off. When working from home, you might find it beneficial to work a weekend here or there. However, you should be making sure that if you work a weekend, you’re still getting your two days off somewhere else. Scheduling in free time that doesn’t involve work is important and some of us who are workaholics can forget that everyone needs a break every now and then. So find that free time where you can and make sure it’s being booked in and cannot be moved.

Switch Off When You’re Not Working

When you’re not working, make sure you completely switch off and perhaps have a phone that’s only used through calling for emergencies. If anything is going wrong, then those involved will surely have your phone number. Emails and work commitments can wait for another day. Your free time is your time to use for yourself and not for work. Switch off and spend time on those that matter.

Staying healthy when working from home is difficult, but once you’re organized and focused, you can certainly balance it well. Be strict on breaks and use of free time so that you can take time out for yourself when needed.

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