How To Promote Your Small Business Online

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When you first start out with your own small business, there is nothing more important than promoting it properly. If you don’t do this, you could end up with a company that just isn’t getting the attention that it deserves, and you’ll have to say goodbye to any dreams of it becoming a full-time earner. However, if you do get this right, then your business is a lot more likely to take off, so it’s greatly important to nail this early on. Here’s how you can effectively promote your small business online.

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Create social media accounts on all available platforms

If you’re going to promote your small business online, then you need to make the most of the social media platforms out there. Set up a business page on Facebook, Instagram, and perhaps Twitter and LinkedIn, and start to really get yourself established. You should market yourself consistently on all of the channels, by using the same (or similar) handles, and using professional, high-quality images throughout. Keep it professional, and you’ll be glad that you did when you see the results.

Get to grips with digital marketing

Digital marketing is something that you need to understand if you’re going to promote your small business online, and it is comprised of many different elements. First and foremost, it’s about managing your social media, but it also concerns SEO, and the use of paid ads across Facebook, Instagram, and Google. If you’re not a whizz when it comes to this, then getting in an online marketing agency could be a good idea, as they can keep all of your social channels up-to-date.

Use paid ads on platforms such as Facebook

Paying for ads on sites like Facebook is useful if you want to extend the reach of your small business. Carry out some A/B testing, and see which one of your ads does the best, and which target group responded to it the most. Then, invest a little bit more cash on these Facebook ads, when you’ve worked out your audience. The good thing about this is that you can tailor it to a specific group, so that you’re not paying to advertise to people who simply aren’t interested in your business.

Write guest posts for other bloggers

Whilst this may not seem like a worthwhile endeavour, it’s a good idea to spread your wings a little, and write some featured posts on other blogs. This could help you to pick up a new audience, and it’s also beneficial for SEO reasons (especially if you include the right links and keywords). On top of this, it helps you to grow your online presence, which will benefit your brand – and your personal brand – in the future, so certainly look into writing guest posts for others.

So, if you want to promote your small business online, then try out these simple things. From creating social media accounts, to writing guest posts for other bloggers, there are plenty of ways to get your small business out there! Good luck!

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