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Have you heard of affiliate marketing before? It is something that I knew about but didn’t fully understand it so I will do my best to explain it to you now and let’s see if we can work this out together and test if we can make money from it.


What is it?  Well you promote an item to your family and friends and if they purchase that item you earn a commission.  The company pay you effectively for marketing the product on their behalf, it doesn’t affect the price of the product, the company are just happy to get a new customer.


What possible ways could I use affiliate marketing?  Well that’s a good question.  I recently set up a blog to promote my vintage jewellery called E L Feelgood’s Vintage but I wanted to find out what other ways I could make money from the blog apart from advertising my own vintage items.  That’s where the affiliate marketing has come in.


How do I get started?  Well that’s the catch, you need to have an established blog, website or social media presence to sign up for affiliate marketing.  Another important factor to consider is that you don’t sign up directly with each company, there are now specific companies set up which have all manner of affiliate programmes and you apply through this “middle-man” site.


Ok genius who have you tried?  Well I waited until I had at least 20 blog posts up and then applied to Skimlinks, I was accepted on to the affiliate programme and then immediately had access to 20,000+ merchant prorammes without having to join each one at a time.


Another great thing about Skimlinks  is the easy navigation of the site and the payment threshold is £7!  You can have your commission paid via PayPal or direct to your bank account.




Verdict?  Well I have been using Skimlinks for a about a month now and it is easy to navigate, if you are going to give it a go with an established blog, website or social media platform then please use this link to apply.

Again I need time to see if this is going to make any money in the short time I have been using it I have made £11.

In the coming months, I will keep you posted on my progress with Skimlinks.  Let me know if you sign up to them and how things are going.

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