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Prolific Academic is a survey site but with a difference, it is mainly used by researchers from universities so the surveys you complete are that little bit more interesting – in my opinion anyway!


What is also different about Prolific Academic is that after you answer some pre-screening questions at the very beginning of registration you then don’t get screened out of any other survey, you are then just given the surveys you are eligible for rather than like the other survey sites out there where you have to answer about 10 questions only to be told you are not eligible!

prolific academic


I earned £5.50 for a couple of surveys over the past few weeks and this very evening completed two more surveys for £1.50.  Payment is made via Paypal once you reach the threshold of £5.  Payment is made by your own request so you can build the pot up to when you need it.  After requesting payment of my £5.50, it was in my Paypal account within a day or so.

I have started again and I am hoping to save the money from the surveys for birthdays and Christmas 2017 – well you can never be too early saving for Christmas with two teenage boys!



I highly recommend signing up for Prolific Academic now, their studies are interesting, there is no screening out and the payment for the time taken is excellent.  The cashing out process is quick and easy and the staff are very helpful if you have any queries at all.

Why not register here and have a go?  Just remember you will need to check the site on a regular basis as they don’t email when new surveys are waiting.


Happy money making.


Elf x

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