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Yes it is possible to shop and eat in restaurants and get paid for it!  I have been mystery shopping on and off for about 5 years now.  It is a great way to make some extra cash and at the same time treat yourself to either the product or eating out with the family as a treat!

Over the years I have reduced the number of companies I work with and who give me jobs concentrating on the ones that work for me the best.  I also like to consider whether taking the mystery shop is worthwhile for me.

If you are considering mystery shopping, before choosing an assignment consider:


  • Where is it? If it’s on my way great, if not would it cost too much in petrol to get to the location?
  • Is it something I can made use of like a jumper or piece of jewellery?
  • With restaurants, am I able to take someone with me or do I need to complete the assignment on my own?


There are times when I don’t take assignments because the negatives outweigh the positives for me but it might be helpful for you to ask yourself your own set of questions before accepting an assignment.


Examples of mystery shops I have completed


Clothes shops:  I have received free costume jewellery, clothing and shoes.

Restaurants:  a range of restaurants including fast food outlets.

Hairdressers:  a free haircut!


Some mystery shops do not involve purchasing items but rather assessing customer service and knowledge of products, this can be from prams to mobile phones.


How much can you make from mystery shopping?

It really does depend on the job at hand, it can be anywhere between £5 per visit to £65, the high fees are normally for quite complex jobs such as enquiring about a mortgage or loan.


Where can I apply?

Please DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES pay money upfront to join a mystery shopping company.  All reputiible companies do not require you to, so don’t be fooled by those who ask for money up front.

I can highly recommend the following companies since I have used them in the past:-



A great company where you pick jobs online.  Register here.



Again you apply for jobs online.  To register go to their website here.



Another online selection of jobs and easy to navigate.  To register to become a mystery shopper visit their website here.


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