How To Get Out Of A Job Rut

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It can feel selfish to complain about your job in the midst of a pandemic situation where a lot of people are struggling to make ends meet. However, it doesn’t change the fact that being stuck in a job that leads nowhere is not satisfying. Covid has dramatically changed our routine, encouraging people to work from home. Unfortunately, home offices can lead to a sense of fatigue and boredom about your career, especially if you have been doing the same job for a number of years. With no chance of self-growth or promotion, the home office environment can turn your job into a nightmare. 

But, your efforts to land a better offer have been unsuccessful. Making yourself more employable is a no-brainer. People who want to boost their chances before applying for a vacancy look for options for learning new skills and developing their professional confidence. Yet, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd when everyone is following the same employability strategy. Making your profile more attractive to employers is only the beginning. You also need to get noticed if you want to maximise your chances. 

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Send an introduction video

Every CV looks and feels the same in essence. In fact, most applicants tend to use the same keywords and jargons to describe their achievements and professional background. In the end, for recruiters, it can feel like reading the same thing over and over again. Why not break the pattern and send a video instead of a written CV? You can use a video to introduce yourself and make an unforgettable impression. According to experts, the best way of introducing yourself is to start with an anecdote, rather than your name. A compelling story makes you more influential and memorable than your name and title. Specialist in being seen and heard, Reels In Motion video production agency have a long experience delivering corporate messages in video format. They believe that great content can be enhanced through a consistent tone of voice and measurable quality in video. As such, whether you want to impress a potential employer or show-case your portfolio, a video can get your message across accurately. 

Show initiative

Initiative can differentiate applicants when skills and backgrounds are similar. That’s precisely what Nina Mufleh did to impress Airbnb. Mufleh created a website to share your passion and understanding of the business, even offering a data analysis review for Airbnb potential growth. Her wake-up call was the thought that she’d applied several times unsuccessfully without even trying innovative approaches that would get her noticed. Her website went viral, leading Mufleh to find her next job, even if it wasn’t at Airbnb. 

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Start guest posts

Starting a blog can help you share your expertise, but with over 600 million blogs around, it’s unlikely to get the attention you want. On the other hand, sharing your opinions as a guest blogger or on a public platform such as LinkedIn can boost your profile. LinkedIn, for instance, has a lot of tips and tricks that can turn your post viral. So why not get seen where people are already looking rather than creating something from scratch? 

When the everyday routine gets dull, it’s time to look around for new opportunities. Your CV may not be enough in a post-pandemic world where a lot of people are looking for a job. Instead, you can boost your profile by making an impactful impression. Become the one no recruiter can forget. 

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