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I love freebies, well who doesn’t?  As already mentioned in previous posts I have another blog here.  I decided to give reviewing a go.  So basically, I was given the chance to try new products or goods out for free and in exchange I would review them.

How to get started?

I believe the best way to approach this is to set up a blog first, have a read here at how to go about that.

Along with your blog I would highly recommend setting up other social media accounts to compliment your blog and get your posts out there.  Having a decent social media presence helps companies decide whether to offer you free products to test in exchange for your review and promoting to your followers.

I have been reviewing items for approximately 6 months now and I love it.  I have received food products, household products and goods over this time.

How to get products for free to review

Once your blog is set up start reviewing your favourite products you already use so that companies can get a feel for how you write review posts.

I also recommend joining Bloggers Required.  It is a totally FREE service for bloggers, their aim is to “be a facilitator between small businesses, agencies, brands and start-ups looking for support with blogger outreach…”  Bloggers Required has a fantastic website and makes it easy to apply to companies to review their products.

The personal touch can never be underestimated.  If you would like to review a product contact the maker of that item and tell them about yourself, your blog and that you are interested in reviewing it for them, after all the review could lead to an increase in sales so a solution where everyone benefits.  Make sure you include all the relevant information about your blog and your social media information.

Have you any tips you could pass on?

Firstly, ensure you schedule enough time within your daily routine to try the product and write the review.  Often there is a deadline for reviews to be written.  This happened to me recently, due to family issues I was unable to complete the review on time.  If this does happen, be honest with the company, notwithstanding that make sure you schedule your time wisely.

When approaching, companies make sure you disclose all the information relating to your blog and social media accounts.  For example, if you have 800 followers on Twitter don’t say you have 1,000!  It is better to be honest as companies are likely to check!

I have been lucky that all the products I have reviewed I initiated the contact with the company.  Be honest with yourself and your readers, go for products you would use or you think would be good to try and that are the right fit for your blog.  Remember you have the potential to influence people to buy a certain product so it is ok to say no too!



If you need help setting up a blog visit my post here.

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Interested in how to monetize your blog?  Read my blog post here.

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