How To Create A Stylish Wardrobe For Less

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Creating a stylish wardrobe can be expensive, but fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. If you want to save money on your fashion purchases there are plenty of ways that you can do so. Along the way, you’ll find that these tips will help you to go greener and become a more sustainable shopper.

1 . Try second-hand apps

If you’re looking to create a stylish wardrobe and save money, there are plenty of apps that sell second-hand clothing, with no compromise on the quality.

  • Poshmark: With this online marketplace it’s easy to buy and sell beautiful fashion items. Here you can find everything from clothing to makeup and shoes, there are plenty of brands available including Louis Vuitton, Nike or Mac.
  • Vinted: The Vinted app makes it dead simple to find  pre-loved fashion items, here there are high street brands, designers, and vintage one-off pieces. You can make your search easier by filtering according to item, style, size, and brand.

You can also check out apps such as ThredUp, Vestiaire Collective, and Depop.

2. Shop for quality

When you purchase cheap and low-quality items, you’ll have to replace these often, whether it’s coats, dresses, or shoes. To save money in the long run, choose durable quality pieces. From your jewellery to your jumpers, go for top quality materials and brands, that will last you from season to season. For your fashion accessories, check out Hot Diamonds Necklaces, for some excellent options.

3. Adopt mindful shopping habits

When you’re creating your wardrobe, mindful shopping habits will save you money. So what exactly are mindful shopping habits? Essentially, it means thinking very carefully about all the purchases you are making, to ensure you’re making the right choices. Only buy fashion items that you really love, this will ensure that you get plenty of wear out of these items. When we end up with garments that we never wear it means wasted money, (plus it’s not very eco-friendly)!

4. Shop at vintage stores

Vintage stores are a great place to shop when you’re looking to save money on your wardrobe. At vintage stores, you’ll find garments that are both affordable and unique too. When you’re shopping at a vintage store it’s best to try on everything before you make any purchases. Older items tend to have different sizing when compared to the sizing and measurements we use today. Shopping vintage will allow you to save money and find some gorgeous fashion pieces that no one else has!

5. Try clothes swapping 

Clothes swap events involve a group of people all bringing their unwanted clothing items to one location. Event attendees are free to browse the clothing items on offer, and take their pick, for free! Clothes swap events are a fantastic way to get yourself some new items while creating a sustainable wardrobe and producing less waste. To search for clothes swaps in your area check out social networking apps or sites like MeetUp.

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