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When you embrace a blogging career as a full-time job, you rapidly become aware of the importance of each client. Indeed, while you can find plenty of advertisers who are keen to benefit from your blog via an affiliate network or for link-building activities, you’ll soon figure out that these recurring gigs don’t always pay off. In fact, advertising income – unless you’ve got a gigantic fan base – remains very limited. That’s precisely why you need to develop a client base for your blogging business. You need to be in a position to sell your services – either as a blogger or as an expert if you’re blogging in a specific niche.



Can professional bloggers attract clients without leaving their office?


Use UX lessons

As all blogger needs to establish an online presence to survive in this industry, there’s no denying that the best way to attract new clients is via your website. A healthy SEO strategy is mandatory, of course. But have you thought of the positive impact of great user experience? Sometimes, the easiest way to get a new client is to help your visitors to contact you through a lead generation form. The secret to success, here, is to build a form that doesn’t look like a form and that guides your visitors on how to narrow down their needs. New contacts guaranteed!


Organise networking events with leads

As a blogger, you’re an expert on a specific topic. You may be a former digital marketer wizard who has decided to enjoy the freedom of blogging. Or maybe you’re a home decor enthusiast who’s got an eye for colours and textures? Whatever you’ve got, why not share it with your local community by inviting to a networking event the people who are the most likely to benefit from your knowledge? You can hire a meeting room from your local chamber of commerce, or in any venue and, with the help of great catering such as, you’re sure to wow your visitors. Positioning yourself as an expert makes it easier to find new clients.  


Create that one post everybody reads

Your blog could be the key to attract more attention to your services. All you need is for one blog post to go viral. Think it’s impossible? Think again. has broken down the secret to attracting readers. First of all, there’s no denying that a click-baiting title can make a great deal of difference. But without relatable content, your post won’t go viral. Additionally, it won’t hurt to take a controversial stance on a traditional topic – as long as you keep it politically correct!


Don’t forget the essentials

Last, but not least, you’re a professional blogger. Therefore you need to act the part. Be professional. Be knowledgeable. Post as frequently as you can. Make sure your blog is up to date with the latest data protection and security regulations, including GDPR if you collect personal data. On the last note, while affiliate and marketing income may not be enough to make a living out of your blog presence, you need to tick these boxes too.


Making a good impression as a blogger is only the first step of your professional journey. You need to figure out where your clients are and how to seduce them into contracting your services.


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