Equipment Small Businesses Often Forget to Invest In

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When you first set up a small business, you’re going to focus on investing in the basics. You’ll invest in product design. You’ll invest in market research. You’ll invest in product testing, advertising, marketing, web design, and more. But it’s important to remember that once you’ve got things up and running and you’re starting to generate a profit, it’s always beneficial to look over your business and consider what you might have missed along the way. Here are just a few different bits and pieces that many small business owners completely overlook!

A Radio

So many small business owners will initially forget to invest in a radio for their office spaces. Of course, this isn’t an absolute essential. But there’s a good reason why so many offices out there do have a radio on throughout the day. A radio provides background noise that ensures workers in office spaces don’t feel awkward. They also provide comfort, as many people actually struggle to concentrate in absolute silence – or to the sound of their colleagues typing, scratching, or engaging in other behaviours. Radios are cheap and once you’ve invested, you’re not going to have to buy them repeatedly.

Shredding Machines

Thanks to changes in GDPR and security, we’re having to become increasingly careful when it comes to disposing of documents containing customers’, employees’ and any one else’s personal information or details. So, you’re going to need to make sure you invest in a shredder that can do the job properly. Of course, shredding machines can be an expensive initial outlay, and shredding sensitive documents yourself puts a whole lot of responsibility on your shoulders. If you do something incorrectly, the responsibility will be on your shoulders. But the good news is you can outsource your shredding process to offsite shredding services. These are particularly useful if you have a lot of paperwork to dispose of safely, as it will be collected, shredded and disposed of on your behalf, removing your need to recycle all the waste yourself too!

Ergonomic Furniture

Many small business owners opt for the cheapest office furniture available to them – especially when they’re first starting out. But don’t make this mistake. All of the furniture in your office should be ergonomic. This is extremely important for your employees’ health and safety. Poorly designed furniture can result in strains and other chronic conditions that not only impact your employees’ productivity, but could be basis for a lawsuit going forward. So, remember to only buy tested and approved ergonomic furniture!

These are simple investments, but they will prove more than worth what you spend on them. They’re wise investments that will help move your business forward and create a better working space for your employees and a more profitable space for you!

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